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Tibet Private Tours
Tibet private tours have been a hot option of China tour and Tibet gradually becomes one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations for annual vacations or life leisure, not only for its special and fantastic natural wonders but the unique local lifestyle and religious tradition. Tibet does not have any huge cities, even the Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, is just a small city if compared to the metropolises in east China, but they are totally special and absolutely different from each other. They have their own enchantments and uniqueness, which are obviously superior to the east cities of China. Each city or town of Tibet means a legend or a local tradition. Tibet is quite suitable for private tour, or individual travel, and budget tours, thanks to the distinctions of this region in both geography and regional history. What should be mentioned is that it will be the only way to turn to the China travel agency for assistance if anyone wants to get a private tour in Tibet, because the inbound tour, without the help of travel agencies, will be only accessible in the form of group tour. We kindly recommend the travelers had better visit Tibet with the help of travel agencies, because there will be a lot of governmental permit applications and the application procedures are quite complicated as well...

In-depth Tibet tour
In-Depth Tibet Challenging Tour
Lhasa . Gyangtse . Shigatse . Dingri . Everest Base Camp . Dingri . Shigatse . Lhasa
10 days Tibet tour is an in-depth challenging adventure to see the site closest to the paradise, from Lhasa to the Mt. Everest Base Camp...
Tour No. Seeraa TIBET 02
10 Days, 1339 $

12 days Tibet culture tour
Tibet Culture and Mystery Tour
Tsedang . Samye . Yambulakhang . Lhasa . Gyantse . Shigatse . Lhasa
A deep Tibet tour to find out the special tourist attractions and magic aspect of Tibet. A fantastic way to touching the God beginning from Tibet...
Tour No. Seeraa TIBET01
12 Days, 1562 $

12 days Tibet culture and nature tour
Tibetan Culture and Nature Tour
Lhasa . Gyantse . Shigatse . Nyemo . Lhasa
Let us show you a world with great culture of human and the grand charm of nature. Tibet is the only destination to see the miracle of God...
Tour No. Seeraa TIBET03
7 Days, 976 $

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