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Shanghai Railway Station

Shanghai is a hub city of Chinese railway. Shanghai railway development is the showcase of the history of Chinese railway construction and development over the past century. The current system of Shanghai railway station is generally comprised of the Shanghai Railway Station (known in abbr. as new station of Shanghai), Hongqiao railway station, the south railway station of Shanghai and the west railway station of Shanghai. Shanghai Railway Station is one of the top largest railway stations in the world, and also a landmark of downtown Shanghai as well. The service of high-speed trains or bullet trains (which are widely known and represented by Hexiehao,和谐号, a type of train named harmony satisfying the needs of the political publicizing) has been largely but gradually put in use instead of the traditional normal trains. The trains departing from Shanghai are connected with all directions, including the high-speed sleeping berth train to Beijing, the nonstop express trains to Tianjin, and the non-stop fast train to Hong Kong. Due to the cross-border train service from Shanghai to Kowloon, Hong Kong, Shanghai railway station has the services of frontier inspection and customs, which is vividly different from other stations of railways.

1. Shanghai Railway Station(The Original East Railway Station of Shanghai)

shanghai railway station front square
The Grand Square of Shanghai Railway Station

Shanghai railway station located on Moling Road(秣陵路), Zhabei District, was initially built in 1908 and completed in 1909. The current station was reconstructed and extended based on the original West Railway Station of Shanghai It is the largest station with the largest passenger traffics, also represents the rail transport of Shanghai, and the people of Shanghai generally call it New Station to differ it from the old station, which is the old North Railway Station. Shanghai Railway Station is administrated by Shanghai Railway Bureau. It has a distance of 2 kilometers away from North Railway Station of Shanghai, 1463 kilometers away from Beijing Railway Station, 309 kilometers away from West Station of Nanjing, and 201 kilometers away from Hangzhou Railway Station.

2. The South Railway Station of Shanghai

Shanghai South Railway Station, formerly known as New Longhua Railway Station, is the first round railway station in the world. Located at No. 289 of Old Humin Road in the south Xuhui District, it provides daily train services between Shanghai and cities to its south such as Hangzhou, Jiashan, and Ningbo. There are also bullet trains to Hangzhou and Nanchang. Tickets for trains departing from this station and Shanghai Railway Station go on sale here four days before the departure day. For more information, you can contact the station by calling 021-51105110.

From August 2009, a new railway leading to Jinshan District from South Railway Station has been constructed. Then, passengers could take the express train to reach Jinshan in 30 minutes when the project is finished in two year. It is estimated that this line is about 56.4 kilometers and passes through four distrcit of Shanghai (Xuhui, Minghang, Songjiang and Jinshan). There will be nine stops set along the line, respectively at South Railway Station, Shenzhuang, Chunshen, Xinqiao, Minghang West, Yexie, Tinglin, Ruanxiang and Jinshan.

shanghai west railway station
Shanghai West Railway Station
shanghai south railway station
Shanghai South Railway Station

shanghai-beijing high-speed railway
Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway
shanghai hong kong high speed rail
Shanghai-Hong Kong High Speed Rail

3. The West Railway Station of Shanghai

The west railway station of Shanghai originally called Zhenru Railway Station is five kilometers away from the west side of Shanghai Railway Station. Currently, it is an important large-scale transportation hub of Shanghai. Majority of trains of Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway and Shanghai-Nanjing Railway need a transfer over here. Incidentally, the high-speed trains from Shanghai to Nanjing generally have a stop here. Today’s Shanghai West Station has been an integrated modernized transportation hub of Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity High-Speed Rail, Urban Rail Transport and City Bus Transit. For promoting the construction of sub-center of downtown Shanghai in Putuo District, the west railway station will be one of the most important metropolitan transportation hubs in Yangtze River Delta.

The urban transit lines by way of the West Railway Station of Shanghai include: The line No.11, the line No.15 and the line No.16

The bus lines by way of the West Railway Station of Shanghai include
Bus 106 from Shanghai West Railway Station to Qingjian Xincun,
Bus 01 from Nanquan Xincun to Shanghai West Railway Station,
Bus 117 from Shanghai West Railway Station to Taopu Wucun,
Bus 129 from Beiqu Bus Station to Dingbianlu,
Bus 742 from Tanjiadulu to Liuyuanlu,
Bus 768 from Lianhua Gongyu to Gonghelu,
Bus 944 from Guangyanlu to Mianninglu
Bus 966 from Shanghai West Railway Station to Shiguang Xincun
Bus 551 from Yierbajinianlu to Beixinjing
Bus 807 from Hongqiao International Airport to Zhenguang Xincun
Bus 319 from Tilanqiao to Shanghai West Railway Station (the nighttime line)

4. Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station was built to serve the bullet trains between Shanghai and Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Fuzhou, Wenzhou, Nanchang, Xiamen, Beijing and several other cities in China. Currently, there are 160 high speed trains operating at Shanghai–Hangzhou High Speed Railway, among which 150 of them are operated at Hongqiao Railway Station while the rest of them are operated at Shanghai Railway Station. Among the High Speed Trains, the fastest one takes only 45 minutes from Hongqiao Station to Hangzhou Railway Station.

Shanghai–Nanjing High Speed Railway is also operating at Hongqiao Railway Station. There are 70 G-trains departing from Hongqiao Station and Shanghai Railway Station to Nanjing, and vice versa. The fastest train only takes 73 minutes from Hongqiao Station to Nanjing and 75 minutes from Nanjing to Shanghai. There are also 6 G-trains from Shanghai to Changzhou, 7 G-trains to Wuxi, 12 G-trains to Suzhou and 3 G-trains to Kunshan.Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Train has been put to use in 2011, which shorten the over 1,300km journey to 5 hours from 10 hours. There are also scheduled EMU D-trains running between Beijing South Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway.

shanghai hongqiao railway station
Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

The Hongqiao Station is the largest traffic transfer hub in China, integrating train, plane, subway, city-bus, and long-distance bus. The main terminal building has two above ground floors and two underground floors.The whole 2F (the second floor) of the Hongqiao Station, covering 10,000 square meters, was designed as the waiting room for the high-speed trains. It is equipped with comprehensive service facilities for passengers including many shops, restaurants and bars. The arrival platforms of the high-speed trains are located on 1F (the first floor), where there is a VIP lounge, long-distance bus transfer center, and Parking Lot 9. B1 is a large traffic transit hub for train, flight, subway, bus and taxi. The 30 Exits of Hongqiao Train Station are on this floor. Downstairs on B2, passengers can take the subway Line 2 to quickly reach the airport and downtown area.

The station has 154 ticket windows and 80 ticket vending machines (TVM). Train tickets can be purchased up to 6 days in advance for Shanghai and other cities. Tickets for trains departing from the Hongqiao Station can also be purchased at the Shanghai Railway Station, the South Railway Station and in downtown area.

1. The ticket vending machines only accept RMB cash at present.
2. Train tickets for departures from Kowloon, Hong Kong are not sold here.

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