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Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone (Lujiazui Economic Zone)

Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone(陆家嘴经贸区) is one of the main financial centers in Shanghai China. Located in Pudong New Area, which is bounded by the Huangpu River in the west and the East China Sea in the east, and the largest area of the 18 districts in Shanghai Manhattan of China. It is over the Bund, and the whole finance-trade area is 28 square kilometers. The designed development area is 6.8 square kilometers, and roughly more than 100 towers and skyscrapers have been built. Since its development, Chinese first national financial development zone was opened in 1990 and many foreign financial institutions doing the business of RMB have to set up there offices in Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, therefore, Lujiazui is also the headquarters of many foreign banks.

shanghai pudong lujiazui economic zone
shanghai pudong lujiazui economic zone
The Grand View of Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone

History of Lujiazui Economic Zone

Today, Lujiazui is the most charming area in Shanghai, and has been the symbol of Chinese achievements in the aspect of reforms and opening. However, few people make sense of this special zone is closely connected with two ancient Shanghainese. They were Lu Shen(陆深), a great famous litterateur of Ming Dynasty and his wife, Lady Plum. In accordance with the local historical record, Huangpu River at this site got a huge turning, and left a large alluvial area. Seen from the west side of Huangpu River, this alluvial area is like a large gold-angle monster protruded with head and opened its big mouth to drink. On this land, there are the old residences of Lu Shen’s family and the ancestral mausoleums of Lu family, hence it was called Lujiazui(陆家嘴, literally translated to be the Mouth of Lu Family)

Pudong New Area refers to the land in the east of Huangpu River. However, the area nearby the River was administered by other districts in Puxi (the west side of Huangpu River) including Huangpu District, Yangpu District, Nanshi District (absorbed by Huangpu District now). The rest area was administered by Chuansha County. Before 1990, Pudong New Area was mainly farmland and countryside. In 1993, the Chinese government decided to set up a Special Economic Zone in Chuansha County, then Pudong New Area was created, and simultaneously, the land along the river bank was turned over to Pudong. The western tip of the Pudong district was designated to be the new financial hub of modern China called the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone. Several landmark buildings were constructed in Lujiazui during the 1990s to raise the image and awareness of the area. These include the Oriental Pearl Tower and the Jinmao Building.

shanghai lujiazui economic zone
The Night View of Lujiazui Economic Zone
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shanghai lujiazui economic zone
The Grand View of Lujiazui Economic Zone
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Introduction of Lujiazui Economic Zone

Pudong ranks as the largest of the 18 districts in Shanghai, having total area of 522.75 square kilometers. On the East Bank of Huangpu River, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower welcomes almost 35,000 tourists per day from Home and abroad. In the surrounding area of 1.7 square kilometers is the well-known "Lujiazui Finance and Trade Area", consisting of office building complex, hotels, residential buildings and a shopping mall. The architectures are of different designs. Take a look at the Bank of China Building, HSBC Building, Standard Charter Building, the Merchants Tower, etc. They are modern and high, some are even skyscrapers, which makes a great contrast with the historic buildings on the West side of the Bund. Jinmao Tower in the shape of a traditional Chinese pagoda has 88 stores; Shanghai World Finance Center is going to break the record with 101 stores, 492 meters high. It is like "Manhattan in China," only there is a large piece of green and a historic house, which adds some Chinese element and nature to the "cement forests".

Suggest taking tourist bus to have a round trip around Lujiazui. Down the Century Avenue, when you see a huge sundial, you have arrived at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center and Technology Museum. There are a square and a large market selling souvenirs nearby, and Century Park within walking distance. Stand on the square where people fly kites and skate, and look up at the buildings far away, you will find surprising similarity between the view of the City and that in "the Star Wars"! Many may prefer to live in Puxi, because they think there are a lot more options of restaurants, shops and other facilities; while more and more people like Pudong, because it is larger, clean, modern and green. Tourists who plan to visit Shanghai cannot miss Pudong; and expatriates can choose Pudong as the ideal place of work and residence. Pudong, with a tariff-free zone and a high-technology zone, is attracting more and more foreign investment to Shanghai. A new Disneyland, larger than that in Hong Kong has been opened in Chuansha Town, Pudong, almost at the same time as Expo 2010, which was held in Pudong as well.

shanghai world finance center
Shanghai World Finance Center
shanghai oriental pearl tower
Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower
shanghai jinmao tower
Shanghai Jinmao Tower
shanghai pudong new area
Shanghai Pudong New Area
shanghai pudong international airport
Shanghai Pudong International Airport
shanghai south railway station
Shanghai South Railway Station

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