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Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University boasting one of China's top universities and oldest academic institutions is directly administrated by Ministry of Education. Zhejiang University is the national key university and listed in Project 211 and Project 985. Currently, Zhejiang University is also the member of C9 (an association of nine top Chinese universities, including Shanghai Fudan University, Beijing Tsinghua University, Beijing Peking University, Hangzhou Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Nanjing University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Hefei University of Science and Technology of China as well as Xi'an Jiaotong University). It is also the national key university with the help of Project 111 and Project Chomolungma.

Badge of Zhejiang University
Zhejiang University: The badge of
university is themed with an eagle
named Eagle of Exploring Truth
The scene of Zhejiang University
The Statue of Zhu Kezhen standing
in front of library of on Yuquan
Campus of Zhejiang University

The History of Zhejiang University in Brief

In mainland China, Zhejiang University is the representative of Chinese higher education and one of the cradles of Chinese modern elites and modern culture. Zhejiang University located on the lakefront of West Lake Scenic Area. The original of Zhejiang University is Qiushi Academy founded in 1897. Generally, Zhejiang University is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning independently established by Chinese people. The most glorious period of Zhejiang University in history is the time that Zhejiang University was under the leadership of President Zhu Kezhen(竺可桢) in 1930s and 40s. During that phase, Zhejiang University was named National Zhejiang University, and a large group of scholars and masters took researches and taught on campus.

The representatives of the famous academic masters in Zhejiang University included: the Mathematicians like Qian Baochen(钱宝琛), Chen Jiangong(陈建功) and Su Buqing(苏步青); the Physical Scientists like Hu Gangfu(胡刚复), Wang Ganchang(王淦昌), Su Xingbei(束星北), Zhu Zhengyuan(朱正元) and Wu Jianxiong(吴健雄); the Chemists like Wang Baoren(王葆仁), Wang Jin(王琎), Lu Jiaxi(卢嘉锡) and Li Shouheng(李寿恒); the Biologists like Luo Zongluo(罗宗洛), Bei Shizhang(贝时璋) and Tan Jiazhen(谈家桢);Civil Engineering Experts like Qian Lingxi(钱令希) and Wang Guosong(王国松); the historians and geographers like Tan Qixiang(谭其骧), Ren Meie(任美锷), Qian Mu(钱穆) and Mei Guangdi(梅光迪); the agriculturists like Cai Banghua(蔡邦华), Wu Fuzhen(吴福桢), Liang Qingchun(梁庆椿), Lu Shougeng(卢守耕) and Wu Gengmin(吴耕民); the educationists like Fei Gong(费巩) and Huang Yi(黄翼) as well as the traditional scholars like Feng Zikai(丰子恺), Ma Yifu(马一浮), Jiang Liangfu(姜亮夫), Xia Chengtao(夏承焘), Wu Xionghe(吴熊和), Chang Shuhong(常书鸿), Ma Yinchu(马寅初) and Zheng Xiaocang(郑晓沧). Zhejiang University under the management of Zhu Kezhen was superior in the aspects of humanity and natural science. What’s more, it was the hardest time of Zhejiang University during the period of China’s Anti-Japanese War (1937-1945). For keeping the national treasure and educational resources, Zhejiang University had a famous long march, historically called Long March of Academic Troops(文军长征).

the view of zhejiang unviersity
The Splendid View of Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University specifically is one of the several modern institutions of higher learning following the western educational mechanism. As mentioned above, the original of Zhejiang University was Qiushi Academy founded by Lin Qi(林启) in 1897, the governor of Hangzhou. Since 1901, the name of Qiushi Academy was changed for several times, and the whole academy was stopped for several times as well. In 1927, The Third National Sun Ya-sen University. On April 1, 1928, it was renamed to be Zhejiang University. From July, 1928, it was officially named National Zhejiang University. After the outbreak of China-Japanese War, Zhejiang University was forced to move to Zunyi, Guizhou province. During this period, under the leadership of Zhu Kezhen, a famous geographer and meteorologist, Zhejiang University became one of the most famous universities in China, and was crowned to be the Oriental Cambridge University. In 1946, Zhejiang University returned to Hangzhou. By March, 1948, Zhejiang University had been a comprehensive university in possession of seven academies, 25 faculties and 9 research institutes. In 1950s, China suffered the higher education reform; the highlighted parts like humanity department were cut away and moved to Fudan University. Some faculties or colleges were independent like Zhejiang Agriculture University, Zhejiang Medicine University, Zhejiang Teacher College (later reunited with newly-established Hangzhou University). Zhejiang University suffered the serious dismemberment in this phase. In 1998, with the efforts of Li Lanqing(李岚清),the former vice premier, the State Council approved of the recombination of Zhejiang University, Hangzhou University, Zhejiang Agriculture University and Zhejiang Medicine University. This is also a significant modification of Chinese higher education system and structure. Chinese people call it The South Aircraft Carrier of Chinese Higher Education, or the South Big Mac, as the counterpart of Jilin University as the North Big Mac in size.

The Campuses of Zhejiang University

The Scene of Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University
The Library Building of Zijingang
Campus of Zhejiang University
The Old Picture of Zhejiang University
The old picture taken during the westward
movement of Zhejiang University

Currently, Zhejiang University has five campuses: Yuquan Campus(玉泉校区), Xixi Campus(西溪校区), Huajiachi Campus(华家池校区), Zhijiang Campus(之江校区) and Zijingang Campus(紫金港校区), and the total area is 5.33 square kilometers. Located in different places of Hangzhou and the main campus today is Zijingang Campus. Yuquan Campus is the site of old Zhejiang University highlighted with natural science research; Xixi Campus is the site of old Hangzhou University highlighted with humanity study. Zhijiang Campus today is a perfect tourist destination for its special architecture built in the period of Republic of China. Zhijiang Campus is always the top selection of moviemakers. The library of Zhejiang University is also one of largest comprehensive libraries in China. A large number of rare books, scrolls, documents and files are collected in this library. However, since the reestablishment of New Zhejiang University, a kind of unhealthy tendency, the Discrimination to Humanity, spreads in Zhejiang University and the whole academic mechanism is apt to natural science. For this, many famous scholars and professors of humanity leave Zhejiang University. This is truly harmful to the all-sided development of Zhejiang University.

Zhejiang University Anthem

The anthem of Zhejiang University is quite classic both in literature and connotation, and it is quite good for people to know the history, elegance and distinctiveness of Zhejiang University.

The Video Themed with
Anthem of Zhejiang University

大不自多,海纳江河。The vast sea contains all streams, all rivers;
惟学无际,际于天地。Great learning connects Heaven and Earth.
形上谓道兮,形下谓器。Metaphysical is Tao; instrumental is Tool.
礼主别异兮,乐主和同。Rites tell people apart; Music gets them together.
知其不二兮,尔听斯聪。To know their relations would make us ever brighter.
国有成均,在浙之滨。 There’s a national university standing by River Qiantang,
昔言求是,实启尔求真。Whose eternal philosophy is seeking truth from facts.
习坎示教,始见经纶。 Progressive education can produce those able to govern;
无曰已是,无曰遂真; Never say you know the essence, let alone the truth.
靡革匪因,靡故匪新。 Reform is necessary, and renewal is a must;
何以新之,开物前民,To be a vanguard is to be both creative and innovative;
嗟尔髦士,尚其有闻。 Dear young vanguards should be clear of the principles.
念哉典学,思睿观通。Be devoted to study, deep in thinking and good in understanding;
有文有质,有农有工。 We offer arts, science, agriculture, technology, and beyond;
兼总条贯,知至知终。It needs you to know them all -- their origins and applications.
尚亨于野,无吝于宗。 To become successful people will be like true gold to be made;
树我邦国,天下来同!To give up fractional views we’re of far sight and broad mind;
成章乃达,若金之在镕。To rejuvenate our great nation is to harmonize the whole world.

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