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Shandong University Introduction

Shandong University
Shandong University

Shandong University (SDU)is a combination of three universities of former Shandong University , Shandong Medical University (SMU)and Shandong University of Technology(SUT). The merger of this new university was on July 22, 2000, under the approval of the Ministry of Education. The University will be under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education and the joint construction and administration of Shandong Provincial Government.

After this merger, Shandong University offers courses covering nine major fields, namely Philosophy, Economics, Literature, Law, Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Management with 43 doctoral programs, 133 graduate programs and 8 post-doctoral mobile stations, which are respectively 59%, 32% and 42% of the total of Shandong Province. The University has 34 key disciplines and 23 key laboratories of the state, Ministry of Education and Shandong Province. There are 27,000 full- time students on campus, including 24,000 undergraduates and 3000 graduate students and there are additionally over 14,000 students under continuous education programs. Among 7922 faculty members and school employees, there are 718 professors and 217 doctoral supervisors. The University covers an area of over 3,300 hectares with 1.1 million square meters of infrastructure. The University owns a large number of equipment and instrument with a total value of 38 billion RMB and houses more than 3.55 million volumes of books in the libraries.

Under the leadership and support of both the Ministry of Education and the government of Shandong Province, the new Shandong University will make full play of all its advantages and take full measures to build itself into a more important comprehensive university in China.

The East Campus (The former Shandong University )(SDU) founded in 1901, under the direct supervision of the State Education Commission of China, is a key comprehensive university offering courses both in liberal arts and sciences, and one of the universities with the longest history in China.

The main campuses are located in Jinan,the Capital City of Shandong Province, covering an area of 100 hectares with the floorspace of the buildings amounting to 500,000 square meters. SDU is comprised of 14 schools, 45 departments, 56 undergraduate specialities, 57 graduate specialities, 17 doctoral specialities and 3 post-doctoral mobile stations. The Mathematics Department, Physics Department, and Chinese Language and Literature Department have been selected by the State Education Commission as the national talent-training bases for the teaching and research of basic disciplines.

SDU has more than 10,000 students on campus, and over 2,000 faculty members, among whom over 1,000 are professors and associate professors.

SDU has established an experimental center, an audio-visual instruction center, a computer center, a University Press, and nearly 100 research institutes and laboratories. Among them, the Crystal Materials Institute and the Fermentation Engineering Laboratory are the key national laboratories. The Colloid and Interface Chemistry Laboratory is a national one opening to the outside world.

The university library houses a collection of over 2.2 million volumes of books, and about 5,000 journals and periodicals in Chinese and other languages.

In recent years, 101 scientific research projects have reached international levels,188 have reached the national levels, and 464 items have received national, provincial and ministerial awards.

SDU has established long-term collegiate relations with 30 famous universities/colleges, respectively in the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, the Republic of Korea, and other countries. It has conducted cultural and educational exchanges and cooperation with over 100 universities and academic organizations in the world.

With the approval of the Ministry of Education (now the State Education Commission), SDU established a branch campus in Weihai, a beautiful coastal city, in 1984. Weihai Branch faces the sea on three sides and the mountains on one side. About 2,000 students are studying on Weihai campus now.

The West Campus (The former Shandong Medical University ) Shandong Medical University, located at Jinan the famous Spring City and the capital of Shandong Province, can trace its heritage back to the establishment of Medical College of Qilu Christian University in 1911 by the American, British and Canadian missionary groups. As one of the earliest school of western medicine, it experienced amalgamation of other medical institutions in the past and it is now the largest medical institution in Shandong Province in terms of its responsibilities of medical education, medical research and medical care. It is also one of the eleven key medical schools out of 136 in China and is under the direct administration of the Ministry of Health of the P.R.China.

Some facts and figures:

△ Campus area 420,000 square meters
△ Building area 195,000 square meters
△ Collection of books 220,000 (books in Chinese) 87,000 (books in foreign languages)& journals 22,000 (journals in Chinese) 65,000 (journals in foreign languages)
△ Total Funding 94,000,000 yuan, 1999
△ Research funding 11,440,000 yuan, 1999
△ Number of Students ( 1999 academic year) 972(diploma) 2872 (undergraduate) 5237(adult for diploma) 546 (adult for undergraduate 526 (master degree) 202 (Ph.D )
△ Colleges and Faculties: College of Medicine; Faculty of Nursing; College of Preventive Medicine; Faculty of Stomatology; College of Pharmacology; College of Continuous Education
△ Number of Faculties: Full professor 113; A/Professor 225; Lecturer 226; Teaching Assistant 119
△ Programs: Diploma programs: Clinical medicine; Nursing Undergraduate programs: Medicine; Pharmacology; Preventive Medicine; Stomatology Postgraduate programs Master degree and Ph.D. degree Post-doctoral Program:Clinical Medicine
△ Research Institute and center: The State otolaryngology Institute of P.R.China ; Medical Education Research Center
△ Academic Journals: Journal of Shandong Medical University (Medical Sciences); Journal of Shandong Medical university (Social Sciences); Journal of Pre-clinical Medicine College of Shandong Medical University; Current Advances in Gynecology and Obstetrics
△ Universities and medical institutions with affiliation and exchange relations: Chandler Medical Center of University of Kentucky; Wakayama Medical University; Medical School of Queensland University; Kennedy International Center of Bringham Young University; Dental School of Korea University; Hartfor Hospital of Connecticut

The South Campus (The Former Shandong University of Technology ) Located at the foot of Qianfo Mountain in the spring city-Jinan, Shandong University of Technology (SUT) covers an area of 1783 mu (130 hectres), with 370 million m2 building space.

The birth of SUT was on Nov. 1, 1949 with its original name as Shandong Provincial Industrial Special Training School. In July, 1951, its name was changed to Shandong Institute of Engineering. Again on Nov. 13, 1983, the formal name of Shandong University of Technology was given and it is widely recognized as the biggest comprehensive technological key university in Shandong Province.

Shandong University consists of 31 schools/colleges and a graduate school. Courses are offered in 11 main academic disciplines: philosophy, economics, law, literature, history, natural sciences, engineering, management, medicine, education and military. There are 104 undergraduate degree programs, 209 master degree programs, 127 doctoral degree programs, and 15 post-doctorate mobile stations. In addition, there are 7 professional master's degree programs in law, business management, engineering, clinical medicine, public health, dentistry and public administration respectively. The student population totals to about 95,000, of which 40,978 are fulltime students, 10,755 are postgraduate students, and over 1,000 are international students.

An innovative and forward-looking university, SUT fully carry out education policy and has made great achievements in teaching, research, campus industry, subjects and degree program construction, teaching team building, cooperation programs between universities abroad and university logistics.

SUT has won various national prizes such as student management, student moral education, foreign affairs, auditing, and etc.

On November 28, 1996 SUT successfully passed the departmental preliminary evaluation of "211 Project", and became one of the 100 universities which had been chosen to be developed emphatically by the state government in 2lst century .At present, encouraged by this great success ,all the students and faculty staff of Shandong University of Technology have made up their minds to take this opportunity to deepen the reform of the university ,advance its development, and further develop quality teaching,academic and administrative efficiency so as to realize their general development goal of "211 Project", which is: by the year 2000, to develop SUT into a comprehensive university combining science and technology ;to make it the top university of its kind in China and world famous in specialized discipline ;to be the most advanced technical training base and scientific and technological research and design base in Shandong Province so as to fully serve the economic and social development of the Province.

Shandong University has established extensive relationships with its counterparts and the society. The International Office of Shandong University is a university administrative body devoted to promotion of academic linkage between Shandong University and other universities around the world. It aims at developing and expanding international cooperation and exchanges with educational institutions and organizations from other countries. Its responsibilities also include planning of university's internationalization policy and supervising implementation of the various cooperative and exchange programs within the university.

Shandong University is a higher learning institution open to the world. Over the years, Shandong University has established a broad international network for educational cooperation and has signed exchange agreements with over 70 universities from over 50 countries. The university remains active in academic cooperation and exchanges with over 100 educational and research institutions worldwide. The university becomes an important education base for international students. Since 1980, Shandong University has received over 10,000 students from over 60 countries.

The History of Shandong University

1901 Jinan, Shandong Metropolitan University
1904 Jinan, Shandong Institution of Higher Learning
1911 Jinan, School Of Higher Learning
1914 Jinan, Shandong Provincial Law and Politics College Shandong Provincial Industrial College Shandong Provincial Commercial College
1920 Jinan, Shandong Provincial Medical College Shandong Provincial College of Mineralogy
1924 Qingdao, Qingdao University (Private) 1926 Jinan, Shandong Provincial University
1932 Qingdao, National Shandong University
1938 Sichuan, University Property Protection Committee of National Shandong University
1937-1945 Japanese Invasion Period
1944 Jiangsu, The Huazhong Construction University
1945 Linyi County, Linyi Shandong University
1946 Qingdao, National Shandong University
1948 Weixian County, the Huadong (East China) University
1951 Qingdao, Shandong University
1956 Qingdao, Qingdao Medical College
1959 Qingdao, Shandong Ocean College (Today, Qingdao Ocean University)
1958 Jinan, Shandong University
1970 Qufu, The Departments of liberal arts moved to Qufu to build Shandong university, combining with Qufu Teachers College
1970 Tai'an, The Department of Biology moved to Tai'an and became part of the Shandong Agricultural College
1970 Jinan, the Department of Science and the Administration staying at Jinan built into Shandong University of Science and Technology in its present site
1974 Jinan, Shandong University
1984 Weihai, Shandong University Weihai Branch
2000 witnessed the merger of Shandong University with Shandong Medical University and Shandong University of Technology, resulting in the emergence of a new ,large scale Shandong University with enhanced strength and expanded academic disciplines.

The Detailed Information of Weihai Shandong University

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