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Nanjing Normal University

Nanjing Normal University
Nanjing Normal University

Nanjing Normal University (NNU) is located in Nanjing, the ancient capital of six dynasties in history. It is a key university of Jiangsu Province and one of the 211 Project institutions, which are fully backed up by the government. Its history can be traced back to Sanjiang Normal School established in 1902. It was since then operated under a series of names including Liangjiang Excellent Normal School, Nanjing Higher Normal School, Southeast University, Central University, and Nanjing University.

The History of Nanjing Normal University

The history of Nanjing Normal University can be traced back to Sanjiang Normal Institute, which was established by Zhang Zhidong, Governor-General of Jiangsu and Jiangxi, in 1902. It was renamed Liangjiang Excellent Normal Institute in 1905, and evolved into National Nanjing Higher Normal School in 1914. In 1920, National Southeast University was established on the basis of disciplines of National Nanjing Higher Normal School, and in 1923, National Nanjing Higher Normal School merged into it. In 1927, National Southeast University, Hehai Engineering University, and other six national schools of professional college lever or above, integrated into the Fourth Zhongshan University. It was renamed Jiangsu University, then National Zhongyang University, and evolved into National Nanjing University, which turned out to be Najing University in 1950. The other source of Nanjing Normal University is Huiwen Academy established in 1888. In 1910, Huiwen Academy and Hongyu Academy merged into Private Jinling University. In 1951, Private Jinling University and Private Jinling Women Arts and Science College, which was established in 1913 and renamed Jingling Women University in 1914, integrated to National Jinling University.

When the national adjustment of higher education took place in 1952, based on the normal school of Nanjing University, the educational department and the children well-being department of Jinling University, as well as other relative departments and colleges, such as the nursery specialty of Shanghai Zhendan University, the children well-being group of the social well-being department in Guangzhou Lingnan University and the science class of Nanjing Normal School integrated into Nanjing Normal College, which was set up on the former site of the Jinling Women Arts and Science College. In January 1984, it was named Nanjing Normal University, and entered the national construction of key universities under the 211 project. In March 2000, Nanjing Dynamics Higher Professional College merged into the university. The university provides programs in various areas such as liberal arts, history, philosophy, education, science, engineering, economics, law and public administration. At present, Nanjing Normal University has been striving to set up a comprehensive university well-known for the educational and scientific research.

The Basic Information of Nanjing Normal University

Nanjing Normal University has been serving as a cradle for advanced teacher education in China. In the past years, the university has cultivated large amounts of educationists. At present, there are a large number of scholars well-known home and abroad who engage in research, publishing and teaching at the university. Their efforts and contributions have formulated an academic tradition in pursuit of truth, as seen in the university motto: A virtuous and loving life, a path of learning and practice.

At present, the whole NNU compromises of three campuses: Suiyuan Campus, Xianlin Campus and Zijin Campus, covering a total area of 200001000m2 (i.e. over 3100 mu) and a tectonic coverage of 840000m2. On campus, flowers are fragrant, grass green, ancient trees towering and surroundings charming. That is why it is named by people both home and abroad as the most beautiful campus in the east. Xianlin Campus locates the scenic area in east suburbs of Nanjing. Occupying around 1.02 km2, it is environed with the Bell Mountain scenic area, the Xixian scenic area and the Tangshan Mountain area, with enchanting natural beauty and international standard entiroment.

College for International Students of NNU was established in 1996, which is derived from the Foreign Student Section of Foreign Affairs Office of NNU. As one of the earliest universities to open to the outside world, it is also the earliest to enroll international students. It is authorized by the Ministry of Education of the PRC to be one of the two preparatory Chinese Language Training Centers in China as well as one of the universities having B.A. degree of Chinese language and literature for international students. In 2000, it was appointed to be the only Oversea Chinese Language Educational Base in Jiangsu Province. And later in 2003, it was appraised to be National Education Base by the Ministry of Education. Ever since 1989, this college has set up Chinese language and literature of B.A. degree. Longer-term students, those who stay more than half a year, include language learners, candidates for B.A. of Chinese language, candidates for master degree and doctoral students. Short-term students will be divided into different classes according to their language level and will be taught language, culture, history, music, painting and P.E. Under the permission of Ministry of Education, there is a test center of HSK, providing international students with convenience for HSK test.

Nanjing Normal University is one of the cradles of China’s higher education for teachers. During the development more than one century, many famous educationists of modern China have taught here in succession, such as Tao Xingzhi, Chen Heqin, Wu Yifang and so on. With the hardy efforts of several generations, NNU has formed a style of study, focusing on educational practice, and a school spirit of preciseness, plain, push and dedication. Now, it has turned to be a comprehensive normal university with rounded system as well as complete subjects covering social science, history, philosophy, science, engineering, pedagogy, economics, law, art and physical education. Nowadays, NNU accepts thousands of students coming from over 80 countries all over the world every year. The number of international students on campus of NNU ranks the first of all those universities which recruit international students in Jiangsu Province and the 14th in China.

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