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Beijing Normal University

beijing normal university
Beijing Normal University

Beijing Normal University is the national key university directly administrated by Ministry of Education. Beijing Normal University is a famous academic center based on educational science and technology as well as the basic subjects of liberal arts and natural science. The former of this university was the normal education institution of Jingshi Imperial University, belonging to Peking University once upon a time. In 1923, it was renamed Beijing Normal University, which was the first normal university in China. Many famous people came out from this university in succession such as Qian Mu, Qi Gong, Hou Wailu, Fan Wenlan and Qian Xuantong.

Beijing Normal University covers total area of 738,779 square meters with the total architectural area of 520,000 square meters. The full-time students are more than 19500, among them, the undergraduates are 8529, graduates 8999 and the long-term students abroad 2015 as well as more than 20,000 students studying via the network and further education. Beijing Normal University has the strong ability in science research as well as it is also one of the important scientific research bases. Beijing Normal University is more powerful in liberal arts. Its Chinese Literature Major is ranked next to Peking University.

Beijing Normal University is a good place to learn more about Chinese tradition and culture. Traditionally this university highlighted the tradition and culture of China. The history, pedagogy and literature are very famous in China. Besides many old but skillful teachers are excellent in many aspects such as Qi Gong, who was a famous and rare calligraphist and the master of Chinese classical literature. Similar to Peking University, the students of this university are as well considered to be the high-level talents of China. Currently in Beijing, even in China, Beijing Normal University is a top university as well next to Peking University, Qinghua University, Fudan University in Shanghai, Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, Nanjing University in Nanjing, Zhongshan University in Guangzhou. If you want to learn more about Chinese teacher history, Beijing Normal University is a good place, other than this university, East China Normal University, Nanjing Normal University, Huazhong Normal University, Hangzhou Normal University and so on are also the good normal universities in China.

The Official Introduction of Beijing Normal University

Beijing Normal University (BNU) has a history of more than 100 years, which is almost as long as the history of Chinese modern education. The University has developed from the Faculty of Education, Capital Metropolitan University established in 1902 under the concept of Establish school, prioritize teacher education,which initiated teacher training in Chinese higher education. After several times of merging and reforming since 1949, especially in the 1980s, Beijing Normal University has moved into the new age of rapid development. The University's history is an epitome of the development of modern teacher training and Chinese higher education.

Beijing Normal University lays great emphasis on exchange and cooperation with educational institutions nationally, regionally and internationally, making every endeavor to pursue the global prestige.

Throughout its development in more than one hundred years, Beijing Normal University has always been developing along the route of self-improvement. It has never stopped the efforts in deepening the educational reform and has steadily raised the level and quality of education. In addition, BNU has attached great importance to academic development and shaped herself into a moderately-scoped, reasonably-structured, diversified and comprehensive university. BNU is committed to the development of research, increasing research funding rapidly and achieving a number of high level research outcomes.

Mr. Jiang Zeming, former National President,has demonstrated the direction for the further development of Beijing Normal University in his speech delivered at the celebration of BNU Centennial Anniversary. We believe that BNU will become a comprehensive, research-oriented and internationally reputable university with the specialization in teacher training, educational science and psychology.

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