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China Culture

China Elite Culture, China Culture China Ancient Culture, China Culture China Modern Culture, China Culture China Folk Culture, Chian CUlture
China Culture is comprised of four themes: China Ancient Culture, China Modern Culture, China Folk Culture and China Elite Culture. It is a systematical introduction of Chinese culture from Chinese academic experts specializing in culture study. Additionally, plenty of scholarly comments and illustrations about the origin, development, maturity as well as the further deepening and extension of China Culture are available easily here. This section as one spotlighted center of Seeraa International deserves the attention of every readers who love Chinese Culture

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China Attractions

World Heritage in China, China Attractions China Top Attractions, China Attractions China Jiangnan Attractions, China Attractions China Unknown Attractions, China Attractions Beijing and Shanghai Attractions
China Attractions in Seeraa International is themed with five different parts: World Heritage Sites in China, China Top Attractions, China Unknown Attractions, China Jiangnan Attractions and Beijing and Shanghai Attractions. A great number of Chinese Tourist Attractions, or tourist resources and destinations can be available here. Out of question, this highlighted section of Seeraa International will be another authoritative and popular center featured with detailed introduction about widespread attractions or places of interest throughout China.

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China Spirituality

China Confucianism, China Spirituality China Taoism, China Spirituality China Buddhism, China Spirituality Chinese Superstition, China Spirituality Extra Chinese Spirituality
China spirituality is generally constituted of five portions: China Confucianism, China Taoism, China Buddhism, Extra China Spirituality and China Superstition. This section will be the highlighted portion of Seeraa International, and readers can learn more about Chinese Spirituality in this section. People always highly praise China's splendor and uniqueness as well as beauty and wisdom of Chinese people. Obviously, thet are deeply rooted in mysterious and sophisticated spirituality and philosophy of traditional China. It is always right to maintain a notion of understanding spirituality of a certain people and country prior to understanding their traditional culture and customs. To learn more about China, reading Chinese Spirituality of Seeraa International is alway the top priority.

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China History

China Ancient History, China History China Modern History, China History China Milestone Events, China History Chinese Forbidden City,Imperial Palaces, China History Chinese Critical Characters, Chinese History Chinese Dynasties, China History China Emperors, China History Chinese Ancient Stories, China History

China History mainly consisting of China Ancient History, China Modern History, China Milestone Events, China Dynasties, China Emperors and China Critical Characters aims at introducing more about the breath-taking history of China and Chinese people to the readers who are interested in China and Chinese history. The History of China as complicated as Chinese culture and spirituality is a quintessence of Seeraa International as well. This section is highlighted with the deep but impressive the illustration of big events, well-known emperors, typical dynasties and interesting stories about diverse historic figures and anecdotes. It will be also an encyclopedia about the history of China. Welcome to browsing!

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China Literature

Master of Literature, China Liteature Literary Classics, China Literature literature textbook, China Literature Literature Journals, China Literature
China Literature is comprised of several branches: Masters of Literature, Popular Literary Classics, Textbooks of Literature and Journals and Papers of Literature. China Literature is one of the most important parts of China Culture and China Spirituality, because it is created by Chinese people from heart and spirituality. China Literature in some way is the exact reflection of Chinese culture, Chinese spirituality and Chinese history. It is the comprehensive production based on the multiple effects of interiority of individuals and the exteriority of society. Indeed, Chinese Literature is a large window of philosophy of Chinese people.

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China Essence Tour | China City Guide

China City Tour China Jiangnan Tour China Countryside Tour China Yangtze River Tour China World Heritage Tour China Special Tour China Silk Road Tour China Hangzhou Tour

China Essence Tour, also titled China Travel Guide, is mainly comprised of China Tour and China City Guide. China Tour consists of China City Tour, China Special Tour, China Silk Road Tour, China Countryside Tour, China Jiangnan Tour, China World Heritage Tour and Yangtze River Tour. Actually, China Tour in Seeraa International is just a highly recommended part for non-commercial promotion of China tours. China City Guide, a China Travel Guide of Seeraa International, freely serves as much reliable and refreshing information about China travel as we can to all the readers and travelers planning to visit China. All in all, please remember Seeraa International is a non-profit website, and the tours and guides we recommend are absolutely and unconditionally free of charge.

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About Seeraa International

Seeraa International from China as a non-profit website in English, Espanol and Chinese to Exhibit China in Spirituality and Materiality aims at serving as much information about China as we can to meet the accelerating needs of the world in the process of Chinese internationalization and globalization of China Culture.China as the oriental largest country with more than 5000-year history as well as splendid cultural tradition surely deserves every individual's attention and understanding around the world. In particular, today, when we are striving for solutions to many a world crisis and problem we are facing, it is much more valuable for human to get inspiration from traditional culture of China. This is another reason to set up this site under the circumstances. Being the green-hand in establishing and promoting website, we hope to get more and more your assistance if possible in order to cooperatively develop our shared Seeraa International and Personality of China. Seeraa International is always under construction and on the way to upgrading and perfection. We are here at your service and waiting for your assistance! 


Seeraa Special Topics

Seeraa Special Topics

 Seeraa Special Topics is a considerably vital
 section professionalized in displaying some
 special but fascinating topics categorized with
 their shared similarity and attractions. In other
 way, majority of them systematically collect the
 existed articles with the same or similar themes
 from different sections of Seeraa International.
Chinese and Spanish
Chinese in Seeraa International This portion is themed with Chinese Culture Study, Chinese History Study, Chinese Spirituality Study and Chinese Liteature Study in Chinese. Incidentally, many personal writings will be shown here as well for helping Chinese learners
Seeraa International in Spanish Seeraa International in Spanish is another important part to demonstrate China Culture, China History, China Spirituality, Chinese Attractions and Chinese Splendid Folk Customs to all the Spanish readers and speakers around the world.

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