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Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Travel Guide

hangzhou xiaoshan international airport
Xiaoshan International Airport

Xiaoshan District belongs to Hangzhou and is a vitally important economic engine of east China. Anciently called Yuji and Yongxing, Xiaoshan district is located on the south side of Yangtze River, specifically on the south of Qiantang River. It used to be a part of Shaoxing. Today, it is administrated directly by Hangzhou Municipality. Xiaoshan is quite close to downtown Hangzhou, and borders on Shaoxing County in east, Zhuji city in south, Fuyang city in west and connects with Binjiang District of Hangzhou in northwest side. In north side, Xiaoshan links to Hangzhou Bay and is opposite to Haining city. Xiaoshan has a civilization history of 8,000 years and a history of 2000 years since its establishment as a county. The comprehensive power of Xiaoshan ranks first among the county-level cities or counties in Zhejiang province and one of the top most powerful counties or county-level cities in the aspect of economy.

History and Infrastructure of Xiaoshan District

hangzhou xiaoshan hotels
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Hotels

Xiaoshan district of Hangzhou traditionally is famous for its economy, especially its civil private economy. For many times, Xiaoshan is honored to be one of China ten top economic counties or county-level cities, and it is also the most popular investment destination of mainland China. Xiaoshan has a convenient traffic system. Xiaoshan is an important hub of highway and freeway systems, and also the location of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and Hangzhou South Railway Station, and the metro system of Hangzhou is also available here, which largely shortens the distance of downtown Hangzhou and Xiaoshan, and make the connection closer. The high-speed trains of Hangzhou to different regions are mostly only available in Xiaoshan South Railway Station. By its advantages, Xiaoshan also has the perfect waterway system; the Qiantang River and Caoe River provide it the best water channels. Xiaoshan also has a development education system. Branches of Zhejiang Ocean University, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Zhejiang Tourism College, Zhejiang Sports College and Zhejiang Construction College are all established in Xiaoshan, apart from the famous Xianghu Lake Campus of Hangzhou Normal University, the tentative of Hangzhou University, used to be a pride of Hangzhou in higher education belonging to a comprehensive national key university famous for its humanities.

hangzhou xiaoshan xianghu lake scenic area
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Xianghu Lake Scenic Area

In AD 2, Xiaoshan was established as a county and then called Yu Ji. In 742(Tang Dynasty), it was officially named Xiaoshan. The most historic and cultural site of Xiaoshan is Xianghu Lake, which has a longer history than Hangzhou West Lake. The Hill of Yuwangcheng, or Hill of Yue King Town, is famous for the story of King Goujian of Yue State enduring the hardships to re-glorify Yue State. The famous figures of Xiaoshan include Xishi(西施), He Zhizhang(贺知章, a great poet and official of Tang Dynasty and could be a best friend of Li Po) , Ge Yunfei(葛云飞), Ren Bonian(任伯年, a famous painting master of Qing Dynasty) , Mao Qiling(毛奇龄, a great Confucian classic interpreter and a little bit like Zheng Xuan), Lu Guanqiu(鲁冠球, a typical and outstanding entrepreneur and the original founder of Wanxiang Group Company, a national key and gigantic group )and so on.

China International Cartoon and Animation Festival
China International Cartoon
and Animation Festival

The new town of Xiaoshan has two parts. The first one is Qianjiang Century City(钱江世纪城). This new region is located on the north riverside of Xiaoshan. The establishment of this new town is the change of urban construction strategy from the Era of West Lake to Era of Qiantang River. It reflects the ambition of Hangzhou municipality. The whole new city can hold a population of 120,000. As the potential extension of Hangzhou CBD and one of the double cores of downtown Hangzhou, this new city currently becomes the center of young people to realize their dream in career. The second one is Dajiangdong New City(大江东新城, Grand East River New City). It is located in northeast of Xiaoshan, and comprised of Jiangdong new city, Linjiang new town, Konggan new town and Qianjin Industrial Park Zone. Dajiangdong new city is not a common subsidiary city but the Pudong New Zone of Hangzhou. It is the important center of Hangzhou modern industry and modern service industry.

International Festivals and Tourist Attractions of Xiaoshan District

Hangzhou World Leisure Expo currently is a calling-card of Hangzhou in its third industry or service industry. It fixes the statue of Hangzhou as the Oriental Leisure Capital, which stimulates the considerable development of Hangzhou leisure and travel industry. The site of holding the festival is widely known World Leisure Expo Park, which is a theme park with leisure, travel, vacation, and exhibition and so on. This park is located in Xianghu Lake Scenic Area. China International Cartoon and Animation Festival is jointly hosted by National Broadcasting Headquarters and Zhejiang Provincial Government. It is China’s only themed festival with cartoon and animation, and also the largest, most popular and most influential exhibition of mainland China. The famous tourist attractions of Xiaoshan represented by Xianghu Lake Scenic Area, Qiantang River Tide and Hangzhou Amusement Park

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