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Hangzhou of China in the field of tourism is not absolutely inferior to Beijing and Xian and better than Shanghai and other any city overall China. Hangzhou since the foundation of People's Republic of China has been developed to be an oriental center for leisure and relaxation. Thus it has the best urban infrastructure and city service system in China. Travelers have been to Hangzhou are always surprised at its distinction from other cities, and even some domestic travelers are also deeply fascinated with its charm and service though plentiful cities in other regions are relatively good and acceptable. If asked the reasons, they may be also confused for a while and then similarly respond that Hangzhou is an elegant gentlewoman-like city traditionally humanized as the well-cultivated and versatile lady with unique and high-level taste of life and pursuance, and it is the ideal city we are seeking for. In a word, the reason is simply explained that Hangzhou is the externalization of spiritual or inner world of traditional China and the special museum of Chinese exquisite culture, glorious history as well as the tasteful lifestyle that the old people had but alienated by modern people on their way to westernization and materialization. The lack of China currently is what Hangzhou has, and it is also the most valuable point of Hangzhou as the most important cultural and historical city in east China…Hangzhou is a traditional tourist city, and the Hangzhou travel service is also the most advanced. We as the professional travel experts of Hangzhou are willing to offer our best service to all the customers who want to have a deep tour to Hangzhou.

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