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Hangzhou tourist resources are diverse and can be classified into several different aspects: the world cultural landscape of UNESCO World Heritage is West Lake Scenic Area. The Buddhist themed tourist attractions include Hangzhou Lingyin Temple, Three Temples of Tianzhu Hill (Faxi Temple, Fajing Temple and Fajing Temple), Hangzhou Jingci Temple, Jingshan Temple, Leifeng Pagoda, Baochu Pagoda and Liuhe pagoda. The Taoist attractions include Hangzhou Baopu Taoist Temple. The famous museums include Hangzhou history museum, Zhejiang provincial museum, Huqingyutang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum, China Grand Canal Museum, China Umbrella Museum, Chinese Tea Museum, China Knives and Swords Museum,China Silk Museum, Hangzhou Cuisine Museum, Chiangnan Watery Region Culture Museum of China, China Music Museum and other themed museums. The famous cultural streets include Hefang Ancient Streetand South Song Imperial Thoroughfare. The poetic tourist attractions include: eight classic views of west lake scenic area like Quyuan Fenghe, Sudi Chunxiao, Liuliang Wenying, Duanqiao Canxue, Pinghu Qiuyue, Leifeng Xizhao, Nanping Wanzhong and Huagang Guanyu. These are all the classic sites highlighted with the poetic imagery. The leisure destinations include Wulin Business Road, Longjing Tea Plantation and Nanshan Road. The performance shows include Impression West Lake, The Romance of Song Dynasty, West Lake Night Show and other different unique performances. The typical theaters of Hangzhou include Hangzhou Theater and Hangzhou Grand Theater. They are many great tourist attractions in Hangzhou, which can absolutely satisfy the needs of different travelers with different interests. ...(More Details about Hangzhou Travel Guide)

Hangzhou West Lake Six Harmonies Pagoda Zhejiang University Hangzhou Jingshan Temple Hangzhou History Museum
Chinese Medicine Museum Hangzhou Confucius Temple Gongchenqiao Four Museums Tangqi Ancient Town Jiangnan Culture Museum
Zhejiang Hangzhou Library Guangxing Tang Leifeng Pagoda Lingyin Temple Zhejiang Museum
Baochu Pagoda Baopu Taoist Temple Zhejiang West Lake Gallery Three Temples of Tianzhu Hill Hangzhou Jingci Temple
Southern Song Thoroughfare Hangzhou Solitary Hill Su Di Chun Xiao West Lake Broken Bridge Nan Ping Wan Zhong
Ping Hu Qiu Yue The Butterfly Lovers Top 18 Scenes of West Lake Impression West Lake Song Dynasty Town
Geling Hill Baoshi Hill Lady White Story Gujing Jingshe West Lake Imperial Palace
Wushan Hill and Square Wushan City God Pavilion Yellow Dragon Cave Beishan Scenic Area West Lake Imperial Palace

Hangzhou is the most famous tourist city of China. Thanks to its high-quality tourist resources, Hangzhou travel becomes a calling card of China travel. Hangzhou travel guide comprised of Hangzhou tourist attractions, Hangzhou city guide and Hangzhou tour guide. They together constitute a system of Hangzhou Essence Tour. Welcome to Hangzhou, More service is available via contacting us anytime and anywhere! ...(Email: