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North Hill Road Scenic Area (Beishan Tourist Attractions)

North Hill Road Scenic Area is one of top ten latest tourist attractions of West Lake Scenic Area. It largely covers the north lakeside area of West Lake, and classically exhibits a traditional and historical Hangzhou. Beishan Road ranges from Huanchengbeilu(环城北路) in the east to Linyin Road(灵隐路) in the west. It is close to the inner area of West Lake in the south and backs on Baoshi Hill in the north. This road is based on the visible beauty of nature and highlighted with the history. The whole architectural style is roughly featured of the modern architecture. The typical tourist attractions as the landmarks of this road include the Old Site of Zhejaing-Jiangxi Railway Bureau(浙赣铁路局), which is themed with the history of Chinese anti-Japanese war; the industry pavilion of first-session West Lake International Expo, which expresses the great will of reflourishing the strong China of great figures of Kuomintang guided by Sun Yat-sen by virtue of the industry, Qiushui Villa(秋水山庄, AutumnWater Villa) remains a great and touching story, Huilu(穗庐, Ear Abode) leaves the valuable script. Besides, there are also Puti Buddhist House(菩提精舍), Jingyi Villa(静逸别墅)and Baoqing Villa(抱青别墅), exhibiting the history of West Lake in different aspects.

Old Site of Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway Bureau qiushui villa suilu
Old Site of Zhejiang-Jiangxi
Railway Bureau
Qiushui Villa Suilu
puti buddhist house jingyi villa baoqing villa
Puti Buddhist House Jingyi Villa Baoqing Villa
gong wenqian villa agate temple jiangnan literature assembly hall
Gong Wenqian Villa Manao(Agate) Temple Jiangnan Literature Assembly Hall

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