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Hangzhou Impression
Hangzhou, literally is closely connected with water, and could be understood as the waterside region. It is really in line with the geographic history. Hangzhou is not a large but quite exquisite city like a delicate silk works embroidered with perfect cultural and natural landscapes, which is usually originated from the beauty of West Lake Scenic Area. Hangzhou located at the southeast side of Shanghai is also famous as the backyard of Shanghai together with Suzhou. But actually, it is not at all. It is a garden but not the garden of Shanghai, and it is the garden of China,even the Asia for its classic view displaying Chinese traditional aesthetics and elite culture. The soul of Hangzhou is its West Lake, which is always the dreamland of Chinese elites, or intellectuals as long as he or she learns something related to traditional China. West Lake is the UNESCO World Heritage site and worldwide famous as a cultural landscape. The enchantment of West Lake is mostly associated with its presentation themed with the fantastic history, romantic love stories, attractive anecdotes as well as the executive elite culture of ancient China. Used to be the capital of Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279, Hangzhou is one of most developed cities of China and acts as the center of leisure and vacations. It has the most advanced infrastructure and the best facilities...(More Details)

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Hangzhou City Map
Hangzhou City Map
In Song and Yuan Periods of ancient imperial China, Hangzhou was the most prosperous and populous city in the world. It was another important center of business and center beside Nanjing, the second greatest cities of China and the counterpart of Beijing in history of China. As we know, Nanjing was the political center of south China, exactly the broad region on the Southside of Huai River, and Hangzhou was the second largest city in south China, the relation of Hangzhou and Nanjing in ancient times is a little bit similar to today’s Beijing and Shanghai. Hangzhou is still an economic engine of China today featuring the private business, though its status has declined. Today, Hangzhou is considered as the second-level city compared to Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, but in the aspect of leisure and tourism, Hangzhou is the most powerful one. Hangzhou walked through thousands of years of history, and collects a great amount of treasure of tradition and culture. The most highlighted legacy from the forefathers is West Lake Cultural Landscape, which is a gem carved carefully and gradually from generation to generation. At present, Hangzhou is famous as the owner of this great lake in East Asia. Many people comment like this. A lake activates or save a city. It is true, but the enchantment of Hangzhou is not only from West Lake but the power and influence of three pillars of traditional beliefs, especially the Buddhism, which directly gives Hangzhou a soul of mercy and humanity ...(More Details about Hangzhou City Guide)

Hangzhou tourist attractions centering on the West Lake Scenic Area consist of many classic views highlighted with the historic and cultural enchantments apart from their original natural beauty. Thanks to the identity of Hangzhou as a traditional elite center of ancient China. The landscape in Hangzhou absolutely exhibits the elite's tradition and taste. The tourist attractions of Hangzhou is more tasteful and elegant than those in other regions including Beijing

West LakeLingyin TempleLeifeng PagodaMedical Museum
Baopu DaoyuanKong MiaoBroken BridgeLiuhe Pagoda

Hangzhou is the most traditional tourist city of China. Though located in southeast China, Hangzhou still has its special aspect in tourism. Something special needs sharing with all readers or travelers. Hangzhou has a traditionally mild climate and four distinctive seasons. But it is a little bit hot in summer, and damp and cold in winter. Tourists had better take relevant preparations for different seasons. Many tourist attractions in Hangzhou are free of charge, so please figure out your itineraries, and know how many sites are free before your travel. Hangzhou has many famous night shows, you can select one of them. It deserves enjoying.

White Snake LegendButterfly LoversImpression West LakeSong Dynasty Show
Downtown HangzhouYuhang DistrictXiasha ZoneXiaoshan District

Hangzhou tours are highlighted with Chinese traditional elite culture and history In some way, Hangzhou tour is the epitome of China culture tour. Generally, Hangzhou tours are comprised of Hangzhou private tours and Hangzhou group tours. Two different orientations of services show different ways of travel in Hangzhou. Hangzhou private tours are served for individuals or families, Hangzhou group tours for all tourists planning to have a Hangzhou tour.

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Hangzhou Cultural Hills Tour in West Lake Scenic Area      from $70 Hangzhou Cultural Hills Tour in West Lake Scenic Area      from $70
Hangzhou Cultural Hills Tour in West Lake Scenic Area      from $70 Hangzhou Cultural Hills Tour in West Lake Scenic Area      from $70
Hangzhou Cultural Hills Tour in West Lake Scenic Area      from $70 Hangzhou Cultural Hills Tour in West Lake Scenic Area      from $70