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 Welcome to Introduction on Sleeping of Taoism in Seeraa International, New and Updated Content as Below:

west lake scenic area
The painting themed with Hangzhou west lake scenic area

Sleeping is an importance measure to strike a balance of Yin and Yang. Sleeping is the best way to save energy, and also the best way to recover from exhaustion and the best way to get rid of sub-health situation.

The mechanism of Chinese traditional medicine is: Sleeping when Yin Power becomes stronger and stronger and wake-up when Yang Power becomes stronger and stronger. As such, it is best for people to go to bed between 21 and 23 o'lock. In accordance with the sleeping theory of Huangdi Neijing, or Interior Guide of Emperor Huang, the midnight is the vital time of Yin-Yang meeting, traditionally called He-Yin(Cooperated Yin), and it is also the most important time for Yin. Yin is mainly featured by Tranquility, so it is better for sleeping at midnight.

Enhancing the quality of sleeping is generally comprised of four methods: firstly, noon nap is recommended, because the noontime and midnight are respectively the summit of Cooperated Yin and Cooperated Yang. Resting at such a time is beneficial for health. Night sleeping should be done before 23 o'lock. Noon rest can be arranged during the time from 11 to 13 o'lock at noon, roughly 30 minutes is ok. Secondly, before sleeping, sleeper should slow down the breathing. Before sleeping, it is better to have a quiet sitting, walk, watch some relaxing TV program or listen to some soft music in order to tranquilize the body.

Tranquility brings out Yin, and Yin Strengthening can do sleeping good. Besides, sleepers can eat some porridge like lily-lotus porridge with candy. The insomniac had better have a foot spa with warm water before sleeping, in that it is good for the blood in circulation. In Chinese traditional medicine theory, the combination of Yin and Yang can brings the high quality of sleeping.