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China spirituality in Seeraa International is roughly comprised of five portions: China Confucianism, China Taoism, China Buddhism, Extra China Spirituality and China Superstition. China in westerner's mind is a mysterious destination for traveling on the grounds that the local beliefs and spirituality are violently different from those of westerners.

China Confucianism in west world is esteemed as a religious belief, but actually Confucianism just is a social and moral principle designer. Under the guideline of Confucianism, China in the past thousands of years has maintained the relative and inherent stability of society and class. In other words, Confucianism is the spiritual power striking a balance between spirituality and sociality of ancient China. It conciliates the different pursuits of different classes as well as different tastes and desires of different individuals. Confucianism in China respected as the most powerful spiritual base for it meets and realizes the spiritual and social needs of majority of society.

Chinese Taoism as another forceful belief is derived from the tenet of Taoism: Inaction of Spirituality and Society as well as Oneness of Individual and Universe. Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi two great saints of Taoism presented humankinds the most fruitful and effective solutions to many spiritual and social problems. In some way, Confucianism is a holy bible to administrate the whole society, while Taoism is another sparkling thought to keep the inner peace and harmony of individual living in universe. They are two power sources nurturing Chinese people all the time.

Buddhism originally from India is superficially considered as an inbound belief, but frankly was absolutely nationalized in Tang Dynasty. It is could be a Buddhism reform. Currently, Buddhism in China is thoroughly different from it in India and other countries. Buddhism in China has several branches which are all deeply influenced by Chinese local culture. Chinese Buddhism in combination with Confucianism and Taoism finally shaped a new look and soul. The most representative is the birth of Zen which is the spiritual fruit of three beliefs in China. By the way, Kwan-Yin, also known to be Goddess of Mercy, is an absolutely local Buddha of China and SHE is the most welcomed and respected Buddha among Chinese Buddhism believers.

Extra China Spirituality is the additional proportion of China Spirituality highlighted with something special. The thoughts of Mo Zi, Guan Zhong, Shang Yang, Hanfeizi, Xun Zi, Zou Yan, Sun Zi, Su Qin, Zhang Yi, Shi Zi, Gongsun Longzi, Gui Guzi, Sima Rangju, Li Si and Zhang Liang etc. as well as recently Maoism extended worldwide will be systematically shown here. It is undoubtedly as important as other parts of China Spirituality. Extra China Spirituality is also the quintessence of Chinese spirituality.

Chinese Superstition since the foundation of New China is widely and authoritatively considered as taboo and the anti-science thinking. Actually, many of Chinese so-called superstitious beliefs are humanistic and dependable. The most eye-catching evidence is Feng Shu(风水), which is more and more accepted by international community as the environmentally-friendly theory. Yin and Yang theory is a unique standard to see the inner world of human body and universe. It is also closely connected with Chinese Traditional Medicine. Shamefully, in the past nearly 100 years since Chinese westernization movement, these essences of Chinese spirituality were discriminated and ignored by many west-background authorities. As the upcoming global and human crisis from resource exhaustion, global warming, eco-disaster and climatic change becomes more and more urgent and is easily felt, many Chinese so-called outdated thinking will glorify themselves again.


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