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 Welcome to Book of Zhuang Zi in Seeraa International, New and Updated Content as Below:
The book written by Zhuang Zi, the second greatest Taoist founder, is also named Zhuang Zi or Zhuang Tzu, and the domain name of Seeraa International is directly inspired by the great content of this book. Zhuang Zi shows the readers on earth an absolutely-free fairyland that the value and personality of the individuals are unprecedentedly emphasized. The whole book keeps a far distance away from the mainstream of Chinese traditional ideology dominated by Confucianism, which always tells the world the importance of loyalty and benevolence. Zhuang Zi tells us a world comprised of independent individuals, and every human has their own thought and unique sense. He insisted on the individual should keep his or her own personality or original characteristics, and rejected to be influenced by the society and authority. This is the opposite to the Confucianism and be deeply remembered and followed by scholars of ancient China in mind and soul, otherwise China would not has such a glorious history and culture. In this way, Taoism is the earliest academic school promoting the independent thinking, individualism and freedom. In my master-degree-candidate thesis, I have systematically written about this aspect, and as the representative of south China’s thought system, Zhuang Zi gave the limitless imagination and refreshing inspiration to thought of ancient China, which are absolutely different from the formalistic Confucianism in north China. This English Version of Zhuang Zi was fully translated by James Legge(1876-1897), a famous professor at Oxford University and great Chinese classics translator in the world...(The Biography of Zhuang Zi)

Zhuang Zi
Zhuang Zi Profile

1.Enjoyment in Untroubled Ease
2.The Adjustment of Controversies
3.Nourishing the Lord of Life
4.Man in the World, Associated with Other Men
5.The Seal of Complete Virtue
6.The Great and Most Honoured Master
7.The Normal Course for Rulers and Kings
8.Webbed Toes
9.Horses's Hoofs
10.Cutting open Satchels
11.Letting Be, and Exercising Forbearance
12.Heaven and Earth
13.The Way of Heaven
14.The Revolution of Heaven
15.Ingrained Ideas
16.Correcting the Nature
17.The Floods of Autumn
18.Perfect Enjoyment
19.The Full Understanding of Life
20.The Tree on the Mountain
21.Thien Sze-fang
22.Knowledge Rambling in the North
23.Käng-sang Ku
24.Hsü Wu-kwei
26.What Comes from Without
27.Yü Yen, or Metaphorical Language
28.Kings Who Have Wished to Resign the Throne
29.Robber Kih
30.Delight in the Sword-Fight
31.The Old Fisherman
32.Lieh Yü-khâu
33.Thien Hsiâ