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China Literature is a topic as large and diversified as Chinese history and Chinese culture. Chinese literature is approximately based on Chinese culture, Chinese characters, Chinese philosophy and Chinese history. It is an important show window exhibiting Chinese civilization and charm. Similar to Chinese culture, Chinese literature is also distinguished from western literature in nearly all fields it connected. Chinese literature is comprised of four sections in the sub-homepage: Masters of Literature, Popular Literary Classics, Textbook of Literature and Papers and Journals of Literature.

Masters of Literature is themed with the great literature masters who made the great contributions to the development of Chinese literature, particularly Chinese ancient literature. Chinese literature history in line with current classification standards consists of pre-Qin Dynasty Literature(Xian Qin), Qin-Han and Wei-Jin Dynasties Literature(Qin Han Wei Jin Nan Bei), Tang-Song Dynasties Literature, Yuan-Ming-Qing Dynasties Literature as well as Modern Literature(starting at the overthrow of Qing Dynasty). The representatives of different periods of Chinese literature are innumerable. The typical characters of pre-Qin Dynasty literature are Qu Yuan(屈原)the south-side literature representative famous as the writer of Li Sao(离骚), unknown authors, the north-side representative famous for the classic: Shi Jing(诗?. The top-rank representatives of Qin-Han and Wei-Jin Dynasties Literature are Li Si of Qin Dynasty, Jia Yi of Han Dynasty, Three Caos and Seven Gentlemen, Pan Yue, Mi Heng, Yu Xin and Bao Zhao. Up to Tang and Song Dynasties, the literature master representatives are Li Bai, Du Fu, Tang-Song Eight Literature Masters, Jiang Kui, Li Qingzhao and Xin Qiji; The representatives of Yuan-Ming-Qing Dynasties are Cao Xueqing(the writer of classic named Dream of Red Mansion), Shi Naian(the writer of classic named Heroes of the Marshes), and Luo Guanzhong(the writer of classic named The Romance of the Three Kingdoms) and Wu Cheng'en(the writer of classic named The Pilgrimage to the West) and so on;The modern literature representatives are Lin Shu, Hu Shi, Wang Guowei, Liang Qichao, Lin Yutang, Chen Yingque, Lu Xun and Qian Zhongshu and so on.

Popular Literary Classics is the subpage themed with the masterpieces of Chinese literature apt to Chinese classic literature and Chinese modern literature. The literature masterpieces before the collapse of Qing Dynasties include Thirteen Classics(十三?, Four Books(四书),The Selected Works of Tao Yuan Ming, Zhuang Zi, Lao Zi, The Selected Works of Tang-Dynasty Poetry, The Selected Works of Song-Dynasty Ci, Tao Hua Shan(The Peach Blossom Fan), Mu Dan Ting(The Peony Pavilion) , Dou'E Yuan(Gross Injustice of Dou'E) and Four Classic Novels mentioned in above-mentioned passage.

Textbooks of Literature mainly talks about the books widely used on campus and the different and similar aspects of these books to see the tendency development of Chinese Literature Education in higher-education system. Papers and Journals of Chinese Literature chiefly connects with the authoritative papers and journals that professionally and influentially embodies the latest progress and attention of Chinese literature. The representatives are Literary Heritage(文学遗产), mainly themed with the research of Chinese ancient literature, and Literature Critique(文学评论).

Zhuang Zi

Masters of Literature

book of history

Popular Literary Classics


textbook of chinese literature

Textbooks of Literature



journal of literary heritage

Papers and Journals


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