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Zhaojun Chusai (Wang Zhaojun Married Herself to Hun’s King)

The painting themed with the scene of
Wang Zhaojun going to the Huns for
marriage, and the historians believe her sacrifice
to Han Dynasty rewarding her the great reputation
in history and bringing a long period of
peaceful relations between the Huns and
Han Empire. But Wang Zhaojun was
not so happy as an individual
, because she devoted too much to the politics.
Wang Zhaojun's tomb is available at present.
(click for a larger picture)
Han Dynasty(206 BC - 220) under the reigned of Emperor Yuandi was not as powerful as before. The combats against Hun were not always successful. Hence Emperor planned to ease the intension between sides via political marriage.

Emperor Yuandi had a lot of concubines, and he could not live with them together, so ordered the royal painter to picture them. Emperor would see them in line with the images that the painters sent up. Hence a lot of concubines in order to the painter to make them more beautiful in image rashly bribed the painters except Wang Zhaojun, so the greedy painters uglified her image and she was neglected finally. At the same time, Hun’s leader requested Emperor to present a beauty. Hence after the careful selection among dozens of beauty’s images, Wang Zhaojun was chosen. Before Wang Zhaojun’s departure from Xian, Emperor found she was an unprecedentedly beautiful girl and got much regretful. Later, he executed that greedy painter.

Wang Zhao’s hometown in current China was available in three gorges area of Yangtze River. Generally, travelers visiting Three Gorges Scenic Area can visit her hometown, which is one spotlighted historical and cultural attractions in this region.

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