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 Welcome to Introduction on Xiang Yu, the Counterpart of Liu Bang, in Seeraa International, New and Updated Content as Below:

xiang yu and liu bang
Stone Statue of Xiang Yu
in Xuzhou's Famous Scenic Spot:
Qiufeng Xima(Warrior's Horse
Playing with Autumnal Wind)

Xiang Yu(232BC-202BC), an important rebellion leader against Qin Dynasty, called himself Xichu Bawang(literally means The Unbeatable King of West Chu State) after his victory to overturn Qin Dynasty. Xiang Yu was the grandson of Xiang Yan, a famous marshal of Chu Kingdom and the famous militarist. Xiang Yu in Chinese history objectively was an outstanding militarist and warrior. Xiang Yu begun to rise and rebel against oppression of Qin Dynasty when Dazexiang Peasant Insurgency led by Chen Sheng and Wu Guang happened. He first led his troops into Guanzhong(today it roughly is located in Shanxi Province) and overturned the failed reign of Qin Dynasty. He, since then, was widely known, and appointed 18 local kingdoms but the general management was mastered still by Xiang Yu. At the time, he seemed to be an Emperor but not yet. Historically, Xiang Yu was a unique and classic man that influenced many aspects of China's late development. In literature, students unavoidably learn his famous poetic song, Dafengge or Gale Song, which greatly expressed his despair and helplessness when he with his beloved Concubine Yu surrounded closely by troops of Liu Bang in Gaixia. In opera, mostly in Peking Opera, audiences also see such a classical scene that Xiang Yu loudly reciting his Gale Song to say farewell to his beloved.

In some ancient historical records, Xiang Yu had double pupils. In the light of Chinese traditional thinking, partially closed to superstition, Man who has double pupils would be doomed to be ruler or king. In Chinese history, Six figures are said to have double pupils, and they were Cang Xie(The inventor of Chinese Characters), Yu Shun(One of Chinese Forefathers), Xiang Yu, Lv Guang(One King of Ancient China), Yu Juluo(Famous Officer of Sui Dynasty) and Li Yu(King of Southern Tang Dynasty and Ancient Literature Master).

Boasted the most powerful and valiant general in Chinese history, Xiang Yu was more than 1.9 meters tall and absolutely masculine. During the early period of his rebellion, he individually killed hundreds of brave warriors of Qin Dynasty and frightened the rest of troops to tremble. Subsequently, in most of battles, Xiang Yu was always the spiritual leader in killing enemies both in quantity and speed. Even before his death in Gaixia Battle, he also killed hundreds of horseback warriors from Liu Bang’s troop. Mostly because of the influence of Liu Bang and Han Dynasty or his personality strongly shown in killing, Xiang Yu impressed a lot of people badly. In fact, he indeed did something extremely wrong. For example he burnt down the Er’pang Palace of Qin Dynasty, and the fire lasted more than 3 days.

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