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China Ancient History Emperor Qinshihuang and Meng Jiangnv
Emperor Qinshihuang and Meng Jiangnv

After uniting China firstly, Emperor Qinshihuang planned to build The Great Wall in order to defense the middle China from invasion of Hun. To complete this project, he cheated the laborers, prolonged the working time and heightened the working burdens, and even used the Needle of Fixing Sun to extend the time of construction. Many people died from exhaustion.

There was a village woman named Meng Jiangnv whose husband was also ordered to build The Great Wall. Meng Jiangnv did not get any information about his husband for a long time. In freezing winter, some laborers came back except her husband. So she suffered a lot to go to the construction site of The Great Walk. But she found that her husband had died for overburden and the corpse was also buried in the Great Wall. She was extremely sorrowful and cried aloud against the Great Wall. Suddenly, a loud song of "bang" took place, a section of The Great Wall collapsed, and a great number of corpses excavated. It was said the blood of the relatives could be mixed together naturally. She bite her finger to check which corpse was her husbandís. She got sadder when she found his husband's corpse.

The story of Meng Jiangnv blew up Emperor Qinshihuang, and he decided to meet this woman. But unexpectedly, he was absolutely attracted by Meng Jiangnv's beauty. So he wanted to marry Meng Jiangnv, but Meng Jiangnv agreed on condition that Emperor Qinshihuang meeted her three demands: 1, spectacular funeral for her dead husband, 2, tomb should be fixed by Meng Jiangnv, 3 Needle of Fixing Sun should be kept by Meng Jiangnv. The officers disagreed thoroughly except Emperor Qinshihuang who was in obsession. Meng Jiangnv took the Needle of Fixing Sun as the hairpin.

On the funeral day, everything went in line with the demands of Meng Jiangnv, and they went a long way and all men were tired. Emperor Qinshihuang told Meng Jiangnv to bury his busband on the coast of East Sea, but Meng Jiangnv rejected and told Emperor that she wanted to bury his husband into a latent isle located in ocean. Emperor Qinshihuang agreed and moved on by ship, but suddenly the oceanic gale happened, at this time, Meng Jiangnv said to bury his husband into sea. Emperor was happy and ordered the waiting men to put the coffin down to sea. At the time, Meng Jiangnv closely embraced the coffin and fell into sea together. And the Needle of Fixing Sun was gained by Sea God, Dragon King. Emperor Qinshihuang was out of temper and secondly used his Scourge of Driving Mountains to fill the sea, a lot of mountains were moved into sea, and the new land appeared which the peninsula of Shandong province is today.

But he did not see Meng Jiangnv any longer. Emperor was disappointed very much. Meanwhile his Scourge also fell into sea. Emperor Qinshihuang hurriedly ordered people to search in sea. But a grand dragon suddenly appeared in the sea and made the great waves. Emperor Qinshihuang was too scared. He knew it was too bad for him to lose two magic treasures at the same time. Later Emperor caught a disease unexplainably and died on his way of nationwide inspection.

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