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China Ancient History Legend of Emperor Qin Shihuang
Legend of Emperor Qin Shihuang

Emperor Qinshihuang was a great emperor but a brutal one as well. Many fables or fairy tales were compiled or made by folk men to ironize and criticize him. The legendary story about Needle of Fixing Sun and Scourge of Driving Mountains was one of them.

It was said that Shandong province was not a region that had a peninsula extended into ocean. Shandong today was formed by Emperor Qinshihuang's miraculous scourge, and those mountains were all driven by Emperor Qinshihuang from North China. As to these two magic treasures, many people do not believe that in fact they appeared before Shang Dynasty (1600BC-1046BC).

After the unification of China, Emperor Qinshihuang for resisting the outer invasion spent a lot in building the Great Wall. In order to complete this project, he cheated the workers and prolonged the working time and heightened more burdens with his magic treasure named Needle of Fixing Sun. massive workers died from exhaustion.

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