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Qiang Xiang Ling (Honest and Straightforward Official)

Qiang Xiang Ling
Dong Xuan Boasting
Qiang Xiang Ling

Qiang Xiang Ling historically exclusively pointed at Dong Xuan who was the Luoyang governor of East Han Dynasty (roughly the counterpart of today’s Beijing mayor). This is an honorable award from Emperor for his unusual dedication to local management. There was a story:

One day, a family servant named Zhao Biao from Huyang Princess (the second elder sister of Emperor) killed two commoners (a father and a daughter) and sheltered in Huyang Princess’ Mansion. Several days later, Princess had the killer Zhao Biao go to meet Emperor with her when she perceived it was a little bit smooth. Dong Xuan got this information ahead of time and made an ambush on the half way. He blocked them and criticized that princess did malpractice. Also, regardless of the prevention from Princess, in the face of Princess, Dong Xuan executed this killer directly. Huyang Prince felt humiliated and complained to Emperor. Emperor also felt it was overdone and planned to kill Dong Xuan. Dong Xuan requested to say something before being killed. Emperor agreed. Dong Xuan said:“Your Majesty, thanks to your great effort and brilliance, Han reached out to blooming period once again. However, unexpectedly I heard someone was exempted from penalty when killed people unjustly, and someone that wanted to stabilize Han and let Han out of disarray was executed. I really do not know how you will administrate this country. It is easy to have me die. I commit suicide”. And in a flash, he rammed the pillar in palace. Emperor got surprised and regretted, and up-rear him and told him:“actually, I am unwilling to penalizing you but want you to say sorry to Princess”. Dong Xuan said “I did nothing wrong, and it is unacceptable”. Emperor dropped a hint to the eunuchs on both sides to force Dong Xuan to confess his wrongdoings, but failed. At the time, the princess ironized Emperor and said“over the past, it was so normal to hide a criminal; but today it is forbidden when you are enthroned”.“Yes, as the emperor of country, I cannot do that any longer”answered Emperor. Subsequently, Emperor highly valued Dong Xuan and said he was Qiang Xiang Ling(强项令, Hard-Neck Official)


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