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China Ancient History The Penalty Reform of Early Han Dynasty
The Penalty Reform of Early Han Dynasty

At the early period under the reign of Emperor Hanwendi, government did a lot of reform to cancel a series of brutal penalties such as shucking off skin, cutting nose, exoculation, cutting leg and killing criminal by cutting man into two pieces and so on. Why emperor planned to cancel these inhuman penalties was mostly from a story:

An official named Chun Yuyi was forced to go to Changan to receive the brutal penalty because he was unreasonably defamed. Chun Yuyi had five daughters instead of one son. Chun Yuyue was in despair absolutely because in ancient days, son could suffer the penalty to replace his father. One of his daughters named Ti Suo who stuck to facing Emperor to save his father. She sent up a document to verify the inhumanity and brutality of penalty. And she also pointed out it was impossible for a man who suffered such penalty to change himself. So she was willing to serving as servant in palace to request Emperor to agree that his father could exempt himself from brutal penalty.

Emperor Hanwendi was deeply moved by her, and not only exempted his father but began the nationwide penalty reform, which was significant in Chinese history.

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