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China Modern History P.R.C's 60th Anniversary Celebration

P.R.C's 60th Anniversary Celebration

Since 1949 when the People's Republic of China was founded, at intervals of 10 years, China regularly holds a large-scale Anniversary Celebration on National Day. In Chinese convention, it is the big time for nationwide fellowmen to hold diversity of celebrations for the birthday and prosperity of this great nation. Naturally, a large series of well-rehearsed programs and themed activities are also solemnly performed and staged to realize the targeted effect. In this grand gala all over China, the most eye-catching and spectacular part is Parade in Tiananmen Square, which is the most important part of National Day celebration.

Military Parade in 1949 was the first time China's National Day Tiananmen Square Parade and declared the world that a new China was born and independent. That was the fascinating historic event in Chinese modern history. And Tiananmen Square Military Parade in 1999 National Day also had a worldwide influence, and via this parade, the world learnt a powerful and dynamic China since the implementation of reform and opening policy in 1978. In 2009, Chang'an Avenue, the exclusive road of 2009 National Day Military Parade, has an absolutely new look highlighted with festive jubilance after five months' face-lift work to widen and resurface the road. Today, the whole Beijing is decorated in red and attired to welcome this national day. All relevant jobs are systematically done, and all make sure it will be a record-breaking grand parade in history of New China.

By the way, during the National Day Holiday, Chinese people also enjoy Mid-Autumn Day, another important traditional festival on October 3rd. Two big festivals meet in October surely will bring a different festive and joyous atmosphere to holiday and China. Probably, many Chinese culture and travel lovers can see a true and fascinating China at the time. Welcome to China during time of Double Happiness!

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