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China Ancient History Liu Bang's Lucky Marriage

Liu Bang's Lucky Marriage

Wife of Liu Bang was named Lv Zhi. Lv Zhi's father was called Lv Gong or Lord Lv. He moved his family to Pei when he made enemies with some authoritative families of his hometown, because the local governor of Pei was his bosom friend. Upon their arrival in Pei, the local people warmly called on them positively to flatter them when heard their special relationship with local governor, so did Liu Bang. At the time, the receptionist was Xiao He who was the secretary of Pei local government and later the historically famous character as the prime minister of West Han Dynasty, and Xiao He declared that the man who presented less than 1000 yuan would sit out of the guest seats in hall. Liu Bang was a tough man and never cared about what he said. He got there without one penny but said aloud to the servants that he would give ten thousand. Lv Gong hurriedly got out to welcome Liu Bang when he heard what Liu Bang said. Lv Gong found Liu Bang was quite handsome and special, and then he was much too happy to invite Liu Bang to sit in special guest's seat near to his own.

At this time, Liu Bang enjoyed a great banquet free of charge. After dinner, Lv Gong invited Liu Bang to stay and wanted him to marry his daughter. Liu Bang, a poor and tough guy, was too happy to believe what he heard. Formally getting the agreement of Liu Bang's parents, Liu Bang married Lv Zhi, who later in history was the famous Empress.

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