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Liu Bang's Rebellion in the Name of Killing White Snake

Many things always go beyond the expectations, in many non-governmental documents of history; Liu Bang actually was a gangster who always teased the residents of his hometown. And he turned against Qin Dynasty Government's oppression and crackdown when he killed a white snake in his hometown.

The story was like this: Liu Bang as the first supervisor of his hometown always received a lot of inhuman and unacceptable orders from his higher-ups. One day, Liu Bang was ordered to send a host of labor forces to Li Shan Mountain, in which the Emperor of Qin Dynasty was about to build a magnificent mausoleum. However, on the half way, many labor workers fled away. Liu Bang was worried about the rest would also go away before their arrival in Lishan Mountain, and he himself would also be sentenced to death. So he considered for a long time, and finally he let all go when they got to a place named Fengxi. He said to those men "go, from now on I will do things independently, and I will be happy to welcome if you want to go with me". There were dozens of strong and masculine men were moved and agreed to go with him. They went together across a path in marsh. Suddenly, a man in front informed Liu Bang that a big white snake kept off their way. Liu Bang at the time drunk a lot and said aloud “Great man can be scared of nothing on the way", and then ran forward and cut the big white snake into two pieces. Subsequently, they moved on, but Liu Bang was over-drunk too much and straightforwardly slept on the way. The followers by way of the place of killing snake unexpectedly discovered an old woman cried at dark, and someone asked her what happened. The old woman replied "Somebody killed my child, and I am crying for him", and one person asked again “Why was your child killed?". The old woman answered again “My son is the child of Heaven Emperor White, and he transformed to be a snake sleeping across the way, but he was killed by the child of Heaven Emperor Red. I am just crying for this". The followers did not believe what the old woman said and were about to ask more, but found the old woman vanished in a flash. Since then, the followers thought of Liu Bang was the Son of Heaven and born to save them.

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