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China Ancient History Emperor Hanwudi and Chinese Idiom”Jinwu Cangjiao”
Emperor Hanwudi and Chinese Idiom”Jinwu Cangjiao”

Jinwu Cangjiao(literally means Beauty Hidden in Gold House). In China, Jinwu Cangjiao is a famous and widely-used idiom, and it is usually used under such a circumstance that a man married a beauty in secret, and his friends or relatives would show the great surprise and admiration when they see this newly-wedded couple. And then they probably say this idiom to show their surprise and adoration. Sometimes, it is also used to mean a married man secretly gets a concubine. This idiom originates from a love story happened between Empeor Hanwudi and his elder female cousin who was called Chen Ajiao. Emperor Hanwudi in his childhood fell in love with Ajiao and promised to build a gold house for her if she could be his wife.

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