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China History in Seeraa International mainly consists of China Ancient History, China Modern History, China Milestone Events and Critical Characters. Aiming at giving readers an all-sided introduction and research report on Chinese history, it will be highlighted as important as China Culture, China Spirituality and Chinese. Some historians agreed with a kind of academic viewpoint: Demolishing its history ahead of destroying a county. Some professors also always preach that it is absolutely betrayal if forgetting the history of homeland. In this way, we can see the level of importance of history to a country, especially to the country like China that has been experiencing a long period and ever has created a glorious civilization.

China Ancient History in line with Chinese historical characters will be surely taken as the highlighted section of China History. The emergence, progress and glorification of Chinese civilization were all realized in ancient China. China Ancient History is the first-rank history of whole Chinese history. From the remembrance of Three Kings and Five Emperors to the overthrow of Qing Dynasty by Kuomintang, China ancient history is a long route with enormous breaking events and grand memories. Before Qin Dynasty, China experienced several great periods when China culture basically formed its structure and system. Chinese Taoism and Confucianism were noticeable at that unstable period. It is a warring and disputing period nominally reigned by Zhou Dynasty. It is a vital time in order operated by Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties (in history, experts named them Three Dynasties,夏商周三代). Qin Dynasties was China's first unified dynasty reigned by Qin Shihuang(秦始? First Emperor of Qin Dynasty). Han Dynasty(汉朝) was one of Chinese glorious period in all aspects. National defense, national power, foreign exchange, cultural achievements were all considerably great. The mentionable thing during this period was the superiority of Confucianism and inferiority of other academic schools. West Jin and East Jin Dynasties(两晋) was an special period featuring individualism and personality, hence in this period, Chinese philosophy and literature had a great progress, a multitude of great figures appeared. Tang and Song Dynasties(唐宋时期) were the peak time of Chinese ancient history, China in all aspect all rose up to the unsurpassed period. Later, China gradually declined; Yuan Dynasty(元朝) was short-life term period with the largest territory in the world. Ming Dynasty(明朝) and Qing Dynasty(清朝) in Chinese historian's standpoints belonged to the summarization period of Chinese ancient history. China Ancient History never stopped until the outbreak of Opium War in 1840 between Empire of UK and China's Qing Government. China entered Period of Modern History.

China Modern History generally begins from 1840 to foundation of new China under the administration of Chinese Communist Party in 1949. It is a time full of shame and honor, tear and fear, sorrow and joy, desperation and hopefulness. China suffered a lot from a strong empire to a poorly discriminated country around the world. All abasements China and Chinese people suffered and experienced just sound for the resurgence and revival in the late 20th century.

China Milestone Events will specially show the great and significant historic events like the milestones on the routes of Chinese history that brought China great changes like milestone. Critical Characters will exhibit the important historic figures that may alter the development tendency of Chinese history.

china ancient history

China Ancient History

china modern history

China Modern History


china milstone event

China Milestone Events



Sun Yat-sen

Critical Characters


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