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China Ancient History Hongmen Banquet
Hongmen Banquet

Hongmen Banquet was a famous story or classical idiom largely used in Chinese. It was used to express the meaning of killing or warning someone via inviting him to a well-prepared dinner.

This story happened between Liu Bang and Xiang Yu who both the resurgence troops leaders against Qin’s oppression. There was actually an agreement between Xiang Yu and Liu Bang that who firstly entered Guanzhong would be the King. Later, due to their different experiences and sufferings on their ways to Guangzhong(Liu Bang was brilliant and cunning, and he always avoided the main powers of Qin’s army and selected some short-cuts to arrive in Guanzhong ahead of time, but Xiang Yu was too light in the head and he did not look through Liu Bang’s tactics, besides he really suffered from the chief powers of Qin’s troops on his way), Liu Bang got to Guanzhong in advance. Xiang Yu was out of temper and instantly attacked into Hangu Pass. At this time, Liu Bang had stationed more than 100,000 soldiers in southeast of Xian, and Xiang Yu stationed 400,000 in the northeast side of Xian. Xian Yu planned to attack Liu Bang.

Xiang Bo who was the uncle of Xiang Yu and also the relative of Liu Bang leaked this secret to Liu Bang. After hearing this, Liu bang accompanied with Zhang Liang and Fan Kuai as well as 100 riders to apologize at Hongmen. Over here, a killing intrigue began under table. Xiang Yu prepared a large banquet and ordered his young brother to show sword performance and kill Liu Bang via seizing an optional opportunity. Xiang Bo for saving Liu Bang also joined the performance to show his skill of sword. Liu Bang took this chance and fled away right away.

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