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Han Dynasty

Zhao Jun Chu Sai, a story of Wang Zhaojun of
Han Dynasty going to marry the King of the Huns.
Today, the Tomb of Wang Zhaojun is also available
(click for a larger picture)
Han Dynasty (202BC-220) is actually the second feudalistic dynasty next to Qin Dynasty in Chinese ancient history. Han Dynasty authoritatively divided into West Han Dynasty (202BC-8) and East Han Dynasty (25-220).

West Han Dynasty was founded by Emperor Gaozu whose name was Liu Bang and set up Xian as national capital. East Han Dynasty was founded by Emperor Guangwudi whose name was Liu Xiu. Amid West Han Dynasty and East Han Dynasty, it was the disarrayed period caused by Wang Mang who was the exterior relative of royal family and founded another short-term or illicit administration historically named New Administration of Wang Mang. Additionally, some other historians also listed Sichuan-based Han Administration founded by Liu Bei into the reign of Han Dynasty. Thereafter, Han Dynasty could last longer to 263. But majority of Chinese historical experts classified it into Three-Kingdom Period.

Han Dynasty generally was defined a powerful empire created a tremendous civilization. Together with subsequent Tang Dynasty, they both called formally Powerful Han and Prosperous Tang. Han Empire with the contemporaneous Rome Empire and Indian Maurya Dynasty was the most powerful and developed countries in the world. The established social and political system formed in Han Dynasty lasted to the 20th century. Up to now, Chinese people still called themselves Han People or Han Ren. And its character was named Han Zi or Chinese character.

Xian, as the ancient capital of China, is famous for the center of Han and Tang Dynasties. Xian history is also quite as long as China feudalistic period Xian travel resources are also featured with the cultural and historic sites such as Yang Mausoleum, Qian Mausoleum, Xian Great Mosque, Muslim Street, Xian Ancient Street, Xian Popular Street, Xian Featured Street, Tang Paradise Show, Xian Stele Forest Museum, Emperor Huang Mausoleum, and so on.

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