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China Ancient History The Story of Needle of Fixing Sun
The Story of Needle of Fixing Sun

One year, Li Bing, the supervisor of Dujiangyan Water Conservation Projiect(today, it is ranked the list of World Heritage List and is not affected by Wenchuan Large Earthquake in 2008) was organizing the project construction. Dreadfully, the flooding time was up-coming. Due to the massive project and the long duration for completion, the completed sections would be possibly broken. Li Bing was at the end of his wits. Somebody suggested using the sacred palace-collected Needle of Sun-Fixing to prolong the sunset for shortening the time limit of project. Li Bing could not want to let the workers shoulder more burdens and pressures, so he did not accept it.

The news was quickly sent to the working sites. Somebody told the workers the problem that Li Bing confronted in order to avoid giving workers more burdens. The workers were all touched and requested Li Bing to use that magic tool to delay the sunset. Finally, Li Bing agreed, and all of them overworked and completed this great project on time!

In the time of Spring and Autumn as well as Warring States, Qin State experienced many wars in different sizes against neighboring states. Under the threat of other six states, troops of Qin State freely and optionally tackled the wars and always defeated the united troops miraculously. So the officers and kings of these six states were deeply puzzled. In fact, there was a magic treasure named Scourge of Driving Mountains in Qin State. This was the top secret in Qin States, and that was the origin of confusions of other six states

As for these two treasures, originally they were both the office articles presented by God of Earth, which was used for facilitating the God of Earth to visit all directions and helping He to assign time in order to avoid the public affairs. Subsequently The God of Earth passed two magic treasures to Jiang Ziya who was the prime minister of Zhou Dynasty when Jiang Ziya helped King Wenwang to combat Shang Dynasty's government and He also taught Jiang Ziya some extra magic ways. After the foundation of Zhou Dynasty, Jiang Ziya was authorized as seigneur. For showing his loyalty to Zhou Dynasty, Jiang Ziya presented two presents to King Wuwang of Zhou Dynasty. When Zhou Dynasty was down to reign of King Youwang who was a notorious one of Zhou Dynasty and caused the rebellion of the local seigneurs and inbound invasion of other ethnic groups. While the ancestors of Qin State led his troop help the King and got the trust of Zhou Dynasty King. So as to avoid the interruption of northern threats, Zhou Dynasty, exactly, The West Zhou Dynasty in history, moved the capital to Luoyang and authorized the area of west of Qishan Mountain to Qin State. Qin State assisted Zhou Dynasty to transport the treasures of palaces. On the way, these two magic tools were stolen by Qin State but nobody found it. Later, it was unveiled but nobody dared to speak out.

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