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China Ancient History The Family Background of China's First Emperor or Emperor Qinshihuang
The Family Background of China's First Emperor or Emperor Qinshihuang

Historically, Emperor Qinshihuang was un-controversially accepted as the First Emperor of China. In fact, according to some authorized historical investigation, Emperor Qinshihuang was not the offspring of Kings of Qin States before the establishment of Qin Dynasty. He was a son of Lv Buwei who was the well-known merchant and later became the premier of Qin State.

King Zhaowang of Qin State had a son named Yin Zhu who was King Xiaowenwang of Qin State. King Xiaowenwang loved Lady Huayang very much, but Lady Huayang did not give birth to a son for King Xiaowenwang. At the same time, King Xiaowenwang's concubine Lady Xiaji who was not loved by King Xiaowenwang got a son named Zichu. Due to their inferior status in Qin State, Zichu was later sent to Zhao State as the hostage.

Lv Buwei at the time was a giant businessman of Han State and begun to take notice of the political situations. He thought a man can be remembered in history on condition that he did the great dedication to erect a King and administrate a state. Since then, he began to help this hostage from Qin State.

Lv Buwei secretly called on Zichu and told him that King Zhaowang was too old to govern Qin State, while King Xiaowenwang only loved Lady Huayang, and Lady Huayang did not have a son. So you have to get their trust and assistance via flattering them if you want to be the heir of Qin State. Besides, Lv Buwei also provided Zichu a lot of money. Since then, their win-win cooperation begun.

Subsequently, through many measures, Lv Buwei largely circulated the influence and the fame of Zichu and let Lady Huayang take favor of Zichu. And Lv Buwei also told Lady Huayang that she would be also abandoned by King if she did not have a son. Lv Buwei also suggested Lady Huayang selected Zichu to be her stepson.

One day, Lv Buwei invited Zichu to a family dinner, and Zichu found Lv Buwei's concubine named Zhao Ji was too charming and he requested to marry her. Lv Buwei agreed without hesitation because at the time Zhao Ji had been pregnant. Zhao Ji gave birth to a son named Yin Zheng who later was the world-famous Emperor Qinshihuang. Later, Zichu successfully became the king of Qin State, and Yin Zheng was also accepted as prince. At the age of 13, Yin Zheng was enthroned.

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