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Emperor Qinshihuang(First Emperor of Qin Dynasty)

Emperor Qinshihuang(259BC-210BC), boasted Chinese first emperor of the united territory of ancient China, was the founder of Qin Dynasty, the first feudalistic period of China. Emperor Qinshihuang's full name was Yin Zheng. In 247BC, Yin Zheng was enthroned at the age of 13. Considering his age, actually, the state management of Qin Kingdom was administrated by his mother and prime minister who was named Lv Buwei, initially famous as a businessman. In 238BC, at his age of 22, Yin Zheng begun to administrate the state management. Since then, Yin Zheng pushed down other six powerful states: Han State, Zhao State, Wei State, Chu State, Yan State and Qi State, and he finally united China at the age of 39. A great powerful empire consists of many nationalities appeared in Chinese history. Yin Zheng selected Xianyang as the capital of Qin Dynasty, and in 210BC, Emperor Qinshihuang died suddenly in Shaqiu, today Xingtai of Hebei province during his eastward visit. Yin Zheng in Chinese history firstly used Emperor to show himself.

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