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Emperor Hanwudi

Emperor Hanwudi named Liu Che(BC156-BC87) was the seventh Emperor of Han Dynasty and the most famous and influential Emperor among Emperors of Han Dynasty. Emperor Hanwudi historically was commented as the authoritative politician, strategist, poet, national hero and literature master(the representative masterpiece was named Qiufeng Ge or literally translated into Ode to Autumn Wind ), additionally, he was the 10th son of Liu Qi who was historically called Emperor Hanjingdi who was another positively-commented Emperor of Han Dynasty for his painstaking efforts in rejuvenating the power of ancient China, plus the great-grandson of the founder of West Han Dynasty, who was the famous man named Liu Bang. On 14 July BC 156, Liu Che was born in Yilan Palace, and his mother was Wang Zhi. On 29, March BC 87, Emperor Hanwudi died at the age of 70. At the age of 4, Liu Che was enthroned as King of Jiaodong and 7 years old assigned as the heir of Emperor. When he was 16 years old, he was formally inaugurated to be the Emperor of Han Dynasty, and since then, under his reign, West Han Dynasty came to its summit time. He was buried in Mao Mausoleumn after his death. Thanks to his personal efforts and reasonable management, China in West Han Dynasty was the most powerful country throughout the world, and he himself was the second greatest Emperors of China highly respected and eternally remembered in history inferior to Emperor Qinshihuang who was the first man who united China initially.

Via the historical analysis, the later historians summarized the accomplishments Emperor Hanwudi made into six points. First, consolidation of thoughts from diverse schools flourished in period of Warring States into the Confucianism. Second, initial foundation of Taixue to raise the talents for national management (Taixue in ancient China was the supremacy of Chinese educational system just as the top universities of higher education). Third,large extension of Chinese territory. Fourth,record-breaking communication with west side countries and areas under his reign. Fifth, the first emperor standardized the time or years with his reign name. Sixth, the first emperor declared self-criticism in governmental document.


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