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 Welcome to Introduction on Emperor Hangaozu, Emperors of Han Dynasty, in Seeraa International, New and Updated Content as Below:

Emperor Hangaozu named Liu Bang(BC256-BC195) was born in Xuzhou, north-most part of Today's Jiangsu province. His father's name was Liu Rui and raised four sons, and Liu Bang was his third one. During end period of Qin Dynasty, Liu Bang acted as the local governor of Sishuting area, roughly a large village. Later, he led the insurgency against the reign of Qin Dynasty, and a mass of brave men and intelligent men were willing to go under his leadership.

Historically he was widely called Pei Gong or Lord Pei (Maybe someone will be puzzled by this nickname. the reason is, the hometown of Liu Bang was named Pei, and Gong used to be a polite appellation exclusively used for the middle-aged but highly-respected man. So in short, Pei Gong was a Respectable Man from His Hometown Named Pei).

In BC 207, Liu Bang led his troops firstly came into Xianyang, the capital of Qin Dynasty, and today it is close to Downtown Xian and famous as the location of Xiyang International Airport. In BC 206, he was enthroned to be Han King by Xiang Yu, historically famous as Xichu Bawang and the top leader of the rebelling troops, and it is the origin of Han Dynasty. In BC 202, Liu Bang defeated Xiang Yu in Gai Xia and formally founded Han Dynasty in Changan, today Xian. After the foundation of West Han Dynasty (BC206-25), Emperor Liu Bang was historically called Emperor (Han Gaozu was generally called after his death, so was Hanwudi). He looked down upon the well-educated men and used to laugh at them and said these men were useless. After his enthronement, Liu Bang took many effective measures and loose policies to rejuvenate the economy.