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China Ancient History Dongfang Shuo’s Survival from Longevity Drugs
Dongfang Shuo’s Survival from Longevity Drugs

Most of Emperors were scared of death, especially at their old time. They tried their all-out efforts to search for immortal gods and look for longevity drugs. Particularly they also collected a lot of special experts who were said to can create the longevity drugs, and they used to assign many their dependable officials or functionaries in search of immortal drugs overseas. It was said that it was the origination of Japan (Emperor Qinshihuang hungry for avoiding death and send a group of young men and women to Japanese islands to search for immortal drugs, but they never returned any more).

This is the story related to Emperor Hanwudi. One day, He heard there was a kind of special wine produced in Dongting Lake and men who drunk would be immortal. Hence He ordered man to fetch it. Emperor Hanwudi thought drinking this wine can bring him longevity. So Emperor Hanwudi was eager to taste this wine. However, this wine was drunk by Dongfang Shuo, a famous high official in government. Emperor blustered himself into anger and planned to kill this man. Dongfang Shuo said: Emperor cannot kill me if this special wine is really effective; if I am really dead by kill, and it shows this wine is not effective at all. Emperor relieved from gale when heard his words, and he also thought Dongfang Shuo’s words were sensible and set him free.

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