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Some Scary Stories about Ding Mausoleum

  Ding Mausoleum
Beijing Ding Mausoleum

Ding Mausoleum is one important part of Thirteen Tombs in Beijing. Speaking of this mausoleum, there are two frightening stories based on hearsays.

1. When Ding Mausoleum was planned to excavate in 1956, the Zuo Shou or Sitting Animal Statue of Ming Tower of Ding Mausoleum was struck by lightning. Meanwhile, the mausoleum keeper named Gu Yongzhong(谷永中) also died from lightning strike. Hereafter, several women of Zhaoling Village located roughly a half kilometer away from Ding Mausoleum suddenly caught a scary disease simultaneously. They foamed at the mouth and repeated that they had lived in Ding Mausoleum for three hundred years but recently were interrupted by human. It was said that these women were attached by soul of fox fairies living in Ding Mausoleum.

2. When cleaned up the articles unearthed from Ding Mausoleum in 1957, the local governors threw away the Empress's valuable coffin made of nanmu. The materials of the coffin are all the quite treasurable and quickly taken away by local people. And then, something special happened. Firstly, an old couple picked up some boards of coffin for making coffins; unfortunately, the old woman died suddenly when the first coffin was completed, and then the old man died unreasonably when the second was completed. The time interval was less than a half month. Secondly, a peasant of Yuling Village picked some parts of the coffin and made them into two cabinets. One day, his four children entered the cabinets for playing, at a result, the cabinets were automatically closed and four children all died from suffocation. The peasant later had four children again, and at the time when his only son graduated from senior school, four children died mysteriously when they overlaid on the cabinets for sleeping. These supernatural stories really happened at the time of digging out Ding Mausoleum.


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