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Execution Ground of Caishikou

  Execution Ground of Caishikou
Execution Ground of Caishikou

As all know, Caishikou used to be the execution ground. So Caishikou naturally in some way means unlucky and whammy and many local residents were reluctant to mention it. There used to be a sewing store nearby Caishikou. This store was quite famous for its storekeepers’ excellent craftsmanship, so it had a good business. In one year’s summer, a rebel was executed at Caishikou. At that night, the storekeeper was asleep and suddenly heard someone walked in room. He thought it probably was a thief. But thought in other way he ignored that person because there was nothing valuable in room. He pretended to be asleep but secretly looked at that man. That man looked for something but did not find the thing he wanted and left the room. On the second day, the storekeeper checked whether something thieved and he found the small basket holding the needles and threads lost. At this time, someone shouted outside: “Hey, look at that!”. The storekeeper together other people went out and saw the dead body of the man executed last day in the deserted area. They were shocked at the freshly removed head had been neatly integrated again with his body using a trail of thin thread. Beside the dead body, there was the storekeeper’s needle- thread basket.


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