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 Welcome to Introduction on Yangtze River Cruise Service Guide in Seeraa International, New and Updated Content as Below:

The Luggage Service and Procedures of Going Aboard

How to go aboard

Yangtze River Cruise
Yangtze River Cruise

All guests including individual travelers and team travelers should do some check-in procedures on the reception of cruises. Travelers should show their legitimate certificates like passport, ID card (Military Officer Card, Police Officer Card), Taiwanese Certificate of Returning Hometown and others. Travelers should fill up the blanks according to the truth. Team travelers should show the team visa, and service men on the reception desk would give them the room keys respectively.

Two weeks before the start-off of cruises, the staff concerned will send the travelers the electronic tickets. The procedure for going aboard is generally operated before 3 hours. Travelers need offering the reception the code of electronic tickets and passports and so on. Meanwhile, the staff on the cruises will arrange the appropriate room and boarding card for each one, which will be the major judge for travelers’ getting on and getting off. Travelers should get on cruise before one hour when the cruises depart

Luggage Service

Arriving in the departure port, travelers should paste each luggage with their own name labels. Travelers’ luggage will be moved by cargadors who take charge of moving your luggage into your cabins. But this service is charged, each luggage is 15 RMB. There is no limit to the luggage, and in guest rooms of cruises, there are the luggage racks. There is also the luggage consignation service. If the room is smaller, travelers can consign the luggage to the reception. The luggage of team travelers can be directly moved into cruises under the connection between travel agencies and the cruises. The luggage of travelers could be moved into cruises ahead of time or at the same time that travelers go aboard. When the travelers’ rooms are confirmed, the staff on cruises will help the traveler move luggage into their rooms respectively. There are generally no free services for moving individual travelers’ luggage. If they need, they can pay the movers 2 US dollars per luggage.

Drinking Health on Cruises

The water of Yangtze River is unclear and full of sand, so the water purification facilities are very important to the health of guests and staffs on cruises. It is closely connected with the quality of healthy drinking water and washing water on cruises. Currently, the star-rate cruises on Yangtze River nearly all get the healthy water when they stop on ports on the way of their itineraries, and these cruises have the high-quality facilities to clear away the pollutions of waters and offer the high-level drinking water that is up to or exceeds the national standard of drinking water. Generally, the water of cruises cannot be directly drunk, and the hot drinking water of cruises should be strictly filtrated and absolutely boiled and then can be safely drunk. Some cruises serve the free mineral water to guests.

Medical Service

There are generally the professional physical therapy rooms on cruises. If needed, they can offer the medical service all day long. In medical room, travelers can purchase the basic medicines. But the travelers should pay the examination fee and prescription fee. Besides, the related tourism medical insurance is also recommended. If some patients are in danger, they will be sent to the nearest city for further treatment.

Consumption Payment and Foreign Currency Exchange

Currently, after you board star-level deluxe cruises on Yangtze River, a special cruise card will be served. You need sign your name and the No. of your room, and then you consume on board relying on this card, and before your arrival in the destination, you can pay all you spend on board via cash or Credit Card. The credit cards available on board generally include: Master Card, American Express Card, Visa Card, Diners Club Card and JCB Card and so on. In general, the foreign currencies can be exchanged include: US Dollar, Great Britain Pound, Euro, Japanese Yen, Hong Kong Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar and so on. Even all the main currencies that can be seen on the international market can be exchanged on board. Although the cruise ticket contains the dining fee and special lighter charge, it excludes the personal consumption on board such as Wine, Laundry, Hairdressing, Bodybuilding, Massage, Amusement and others.

These service charges generally have a standard (exemplified with Orient Royal Cruise):
Laundry 1-8 dollars per clothes
Hairdressing (Gentleman) 10-50 dollars
Hairdressing (Lady) 10-70 dollars
Massage15-20 dollars per hour
Tips 3-5 dollars per day (to disembark for extra visit, 15 dollars)
Additionally, all the services exclude extra15% service charge. Currently, the travelers' average consumption on board in Yangtze River like this: per day 150-200 US Dollars on four-star and five-star cruises, 120-150 US Dollars on three-star cruises and less than 100 US Dollars on two-star cruises. Compared to the large cruises on Nile River and European Inland River, the charge of cruises on Yangtze River is acceptable and appropriate.


Tip is not a must in China, and Chinese government also forbids the tourism service men to ask for pits or fees, but tip is an important part of income of tourism service men. Generally, the service men in China do not have a high salary, averagely 30-70 US Dollars per month, so they will be happier if they get the tips that the customers are willing to give. But if any guide or service man makes trouble based on travelers refuse to give tips, travelers can straightforwardly complain. In general, travelers had better pay some tips to luggage movers, room waiters and round-trip guide to show the compliments to their hard work. In the general cruises, each traveler usually pays 20 dollars or so as the tips on all the trips. The guides on board generally are paid higher and the luggage movers are paid relatively lower, roughly 1 dollar. In general, there is a public tip box on board, travelers can decide independently whether pay tips or not. How much you pay as tip is an encouragement of workers on board. The public tips are generally distributed by workers themselves together.

Guest-Room Service

Laundry Service

4 hour professional laundry service with an acceptable price is available on board. Usually, travelers who visit in China more than 10 days put their clothes on board. It is the good time to wash the clothes during this time. The mechanical wet-cleaning and manual dry-cleaning and the weaving and darning service are also available. Generally, customers who sent the unwashed clothes in the morning can receive the well-cleaned clothes in the afternoon.

Guest-Room Meal Service

Usually, the dining time on board is regular, and all the travelers have meal together. The travelers who want to take meal in their own guest rooms should book the meal they want ahead of half a day or one day. If travelers who want to eat the unique food should have advance booking when they go aboard. Such a service is unavailable on the day that guests leave the cruises.

Calling Service: travelers needing wakening service or activities can inform the broadcasting office

Shoe-Cleaning Service: some service is free of charge, but some are not

VIP Service: the flowers, fruits and some other necessities are presented to the important guests

Massage Service: Massage service in guest room is charge in general, 15-20 US dollars per hour. In some cruises, there is the customer service center, and it functions for 24 hours. In some small cruises, there is also the related service, genenally the servants are available when the travelers dial the fixed telephone number of the general reception center.

Guest Room Distribution

The rooms on board are distributed in advance based on the basic information of tourism team travelers and individual travelers. The workers will guarantee the relevant rooms that travelers booked are equally equipped and decorated. However, it is difficult and complicated for cruise staff to adjust your room after you go aboard because it is closely connected to the whole arrangement and may cause the large change of each traveler’s room.

We guarantee we offer the best service we can, and we will equally treat every traveler on aboard. Please select the room you prefer when you plan to book the rooms on cruises. The guest rooms on board are all comfortable and well-decorated. The different price of different room is decided by the difference of affiliated facilities and decorations. Our suites and the small-size suite are larger than the standard guest room, and in the suites, there are bathtubs and small bar counter with refrigerator and other special equipments.


Yangtze River is under the influence of subtropical monsoon climate, roughly on the north latitude 30? . It has four distinctive seasons, and the real cold time in Yangtze River region is quite short, generally in January, but the average temperature is above 5?.As the global warming effect becomes more and more vivid, Yangtze River in winter nearly is not of the freezing time. The outdoor activity is not affected at all. The temperature of Yangtze River especially at its section of valleys and gorges is higher than that in plains, and higher 1-2? averagely. Travelers visiting Yangtze River in winter and spring generally should carry sweater, jacket or rain-proof coat, and the average temperature in this term is 10? to 20?. Outdoor activity in summer, travelers just need wear T-shirt or sunbonnet and sunglasses, additionally, in summer, it is better to wipe some sunscreen cream in summer which is beneficial for skin protection. Visiting Yangtze River in winter, travelers need wear the thick sweater, warmth-keeping jacket and coat with cap, which is better to have the function of rainproof. A lot of tourist attractions are spread on both sides of Yangtze River, so it is better for travelers to buy several pairs of sports shoes which will facilitate the tour. By the way, travelers almost walk towards the tourist attractions every day, so it is much too scientific to prepare more comfortable shoes. The travelers who do not pay more attention to the costume can buy the attainable clothes they want. And the cruises of course also provide the cheap raincoats, sunbonnets and pure-cotton T-shirt with the sign of cruises. On cruises, the atmospheres are different, all are for relaxation, so it is better to wear the clothes you like but you can wear the elegant clothes at night to attend at the formal party held by captain, generally the lady wears dress and gentleman wears western suit. There are surely many night parties such as Night of Three Gorges in Yangtze River, Romantic Night and other parties with different themes.

The weather condition

Are you afraid of encountering the bad weather when you are traveling in Yangtze River Three Gorges by cruises?

Our cruises are special made according to the different season of Yangtze River to meet the need of traveler to see the distinctive landscape of Yangtze River. Our cruises are made of the latest high technology and design, and they can be smoothly operated under any climatic situation and satisfy the customers. Up to now, the customers who enjoyed our service are pleased with the facilities and user-friendliness of cruises, if travelers need the anti-seasickness medicine, they can get in medicine room free of charge

The body energy requirement of Cruises on Yangtze River

Generally there are no real handicapped guest rooms on cruises of Yangtze River, so it is very inconvenient for crippled people to visit Yangtze River by cruises. Even though the special crippled guest rooms are provided on cruises, there are no elevators currently on cruises, and the public passages is not scientifically designed for crippled people. The activities of the crippled are limited on cruises, and in general, the crippled people are arranged in guest rooms on board, which is at the same floor as dining rooms. Some tourist attractions on sides of Yangtze River is located in poor areas, and the port is not of elevator and cable-car service, so travelers have to walk to visit the scenic spots, in particular during the low-water season, sometimes, the walkers need walk 20 to 100 steps from cruises to bank, which to the people who want to build body and lose weight and sports lovers is surely a pleasant thing. Additionally, visiting many tourist attractions, travelers must transfer the small-size wooden boat to drift on some branches of Yangtze River, so the travelers have to get on the boat via some temporary springboards, but the boards are narrow and not stable to some extent, and it is maybe the challenge of some old travelers and unfamiliar travelers. However, someone will help you if something urgent happens.

Health and Prevention

Before tour departure, travelers had better prepare well some regular medicine of anti-coldness and digestive system. Don’t buy the food, fruits and mineral water on the small booths in tourist attractions. Travelers had better carry the mineral water and tissue papers and some RMB, and the amount of RMB had better be in 100 to 500 and some changes, because it is for the unprepared needs such as cable car fees, cold food charge and ticket charge of some special visit and some tip payment. The precious articles should not be carried when you are visiting the tourist attractions. And the precious articles had better be remained in safe supplied by cruises, and such a service is free of charge. Please do not fill up the confirmation form and ask for the signature of captain. And then it is better for traveling outside.

China currently eliminates the infectious diseases like cholera, malaria and others and so on. But the disease of digestive system like hepatitis is still the hidden danger among people, so it is very important for visitors to take care of the drinking and food. And the travelers could not drink the unclean water vessels but the hot water and mineral water offered by cruises. Please go to see a doctor if travelers feel not fine. There are the small clinics and doctor on board. The related staff will serve you at any time and the service charge is also very low, and some cruises just charge the medicine fee, while the physical examination is free.