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 Welcome to Introduction on Huizhou Ancient Town Tour(One Day) in Seeraa International, New and Updated Content as Below:
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Huizhou Ancient Town Tour(One Day)

huizhou tour
The Classic Picture of Xidi and Hongcun Villages, a Site of World Cultural Heritage in Huizhou, China .

Huizhou Introduction Video adapted to culture, tradition and history of Huizhou, this is a rarely-seen ancient town across China. In this video, travelers not only see the marvelous landscape of nature and culture of Huizhou but the famous locally-born representative of Huizhou people; Hu Xueyan famous as a official-background businessman and Hu Shizhi world-famous as an authoritative scholar, who we call Master of Guoxue(国学大师)


Highlights of Huizhou Tour
Huizhou Ancient Town tour brings travelers back to the days when people lived in a true southern China that was infiltrated absolutely with traditional lifestyle, cultural loyalty and folk customs. Walking in Huizhou Ancient Town comes up to chatting freely with ancient local people and experiencing the ancient real living conditions of charming Huizhou

Feature of Tour 
Slowing down the clock to experience the traditional charm of Huizhou local culture

Outline of Tour
D1 Yueliang----Taibai Tower---Xinan Stele Garden---Taiping Ancient Bridge---Guqiao Tower---Doushan Ancient Street---Hui Garden

Guide of Tour
Taking No.1 Bus and getting off at Yuliang, travelers will have an impressive visit to Yuliang, which is a special ancient attraction used to serve as an important pier in She County(歙县). Today, Yuliang Old Street still basically remains its original feature. The famous Yuliang Dam(鱼梁坝) located at the end of Yuliang Old Street boasts the oldest and largest ancient water barrage on the upper course of Xinan River.

Walking upstream for a minute, travelers get to Taibai Tower(太白楼) which is an ancient large architecture named after Li Bai, the most popular and welcome poet of Tang Dynasty (618-907) for its romantic and dream-like poems. Taibai Tower is located on the west side of Taiping Ancient Bridge. Getting upstairs, travelers probably have a similar affection as Li Bai, also renowned as Immortal of Poem, to create some pure-hearted poems when viewing the splendid landscape of nature and humanity around the west area of town. In tower, there is actually a medium-size gallery exhibiting many cultural collections. The highlights of exhibition are themed with the ancient calligraphic works like Yuqingzhai(Pavilion of Extra Cleanness,余清斋) and Qingjiantang (Hall of Clear Mirror,清鉴堂), aside from other types of rare articles.

Crossing Taiping Ancient Bridge(太平古桥) and living for Guqiao Tower(古谯楼), travelers can learn much about the unique architectural style of Song Dynasty(960-1279) . The well-preserved Guqiao Tower basically remains the architectural style of Song Dynasty, particularly its Paishan Column(排栅柱) is absolutely made by means of Ying Zao Fa, which is the real method of Song Dynasty used in building. Today, it is hardly to be seen. She County Museum is located in Guqiao Tower

Getting out of Guqiao Tower and walking along the street, travelers reach Doushan Ancient Street(斗山老街), where is traditionally regarded as the hometown of Huizhou Businessmen, who were extremely famous in China’s Qing Dynasty1616-1911 for their considerable power and influence in business circle. Thanks to their striving and investment in their hometown. Huizhou culture spotlighted with Huizhou medicine, Huizhou architecture, Huizhou carving and so on is specially distinctive in China even the world. Doushan Ancient Street is a typical representative, and its ancient folk residences, ancient streets, ancient carvings, ancient wells and ancient Paifang(or archway, 牌坊,a fairly special architecture built in memory of those widows in ancient time who still kept their minds of non-remarriage and loyalty to their died husbands and families all the life ) are perfectly preserved and exhibited today as a cultural attraction in She County. The green-flagstone-paved paths still narrowly extend afar in tranquility and history, just as the Yu Xiang(, Raining Alley, a quite famous and romantic modern poem of China written by Dai Wangshu before the foundation of New China, and in China, it has been attached a further and unspeakable feeling mixed with a little bit melancholy and a traditional aesthetical taste of classical poems in southern China by new generation ).

Finally, traveler will visit Hui Garden nearby. Hui Garden(徽园) also famous as The Kaleidoscope of Huizhou Local Culture is an archaized tourism town close to the old governmental office of Huizhou , where today is the center of She County Seat.&


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