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China Impression
China, also called Zhong Guo(中国, The Central State of the Earth), is an old country in the world. Chinese history and culture are quite glorious and unique in the system of humankind’s civilization. Chinese people take Long(龙, Westerners thinking of it as the dragon, an evil monster in western culture, but actually, Chinese Long is totally different from western dragon, and they are two creature no matter whether they really existed or not. Chinese Long is an auspicious holy creature living in heavenly palace or four oceans and bringing the world rains. In Taoism or Buddhism, Long is also the powerful guards and warriors to protect justice and solemnity of god) and Feng(凤, is also an auspicious sacred creature in culture of China. It is a mythical creature bringing the world luck and fortune. In some way, it is also different from the phoenix in western culture) as their symbols ...(More Details)

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China Railway  Map
China Railway Map
China Travel is a sub-homepage of Seeraa International, a portal of china culture, history, spirituality and travel information service, and also professionally exhibits the most abundant and reliable information with diverse themes in the aspects of leisure, education, tourism, culture, history and philosophy of China. Generally, China travel also considered as the China travel guide in Seeraa International is separated into China city guide, China hotel booking service, China attractions, China travel tips, China tour packages recommendation, China city tours and the extended services to vehicle hiring, the guide employment, flight and train tickets booking, airport and port transportation transfer. China city guide offers the city introductions of different regional cities, especially the tourist destinations. China tourist attractions show the tourists or readers the quite rich travel scenic spots or places of interest, all of which written into Seeraa International are the high-quality tourist sites. China hotel service is a sharing hotel booking system from expedia and hotelcombined, both of which are the internationally top hotel booking portals and platforms. China hotel booking service in Seeraa International is for making the travelers’ booking and journey easies and more convenient. China travel tips bring the tourists the most dependable and practical travel advice and assistances. China tour is the highlights of China travel guide mainly comprised of China tour packages and China city tours. These tours are the recommended and deserve booking for first travelers to China...(More Details about China City Guide)

China tour offers the travelers and readers the variety of tour products with different themes. There are many options of designing or arranging a best tour for different tourists in accordance with their preferences and requirements. So different people can find the products of tourism they want to get.

Classic TourHeritage TourJiangnan TourCountryside Tour
Yangtze TourSilk Road TourSpecial TourTibet Tour

China city tours are highlighted with the recommended regional tours centering on different cities. City tours can satisfy the travelers’ needs or requirements in the respects of time duration, regional distance and travel schedule. Generally, the most popular and famous city tours in China are Beijing tours, Shanghai tours, Xian tours, Guilin tours, Suzhou tours, Hangzhou tours, Pingyao tours and Lhasa tours. And they are mostly included in the tour design for a classic China tour. For first-time travelers to China, they are the must-sees.

Hangzhou ToursShanghai ToursBeijing ToursSuzhou Tours
Nanjing ToursHuizhou ToursWuxi ToursXian Tours

China city guide is a systematic show of China cities. The listed cities of Seeraa International are the representatives in the aspects of history, culture and status or influence in today’s China. They are worth a visit indeed. Usually, Beijing and Shanghai are the twins of China cities and also the calling cards of China city guide. They typically serve as the display windows of the tradition and modernity of China. In fact, there are many cities in China are better than both of them in quantity and quality of tourist resources.

Hangzhou TravelShanghai TravelBeijing TravelSuzhou Travel
Huizhou TravelNanjing TravelYangzhou TravelTibet Travel

China hotel booking service of Seeraa International is for making travelers’ whole tour packages of China more convenient. All the services are absolutely reliable, and travelers can set their hearts at rest to book it directly for the whole hotel booking system are fully supported by expedia, the world’s most famous hotel booking operator.(More Details)China attractions are also the highlights of Seeraa International. China as the world’s popular tourist destination has a great many tourist sites with different themes of culture, history, natural landscape, folklores and world heritage. Chinese tourist attractions comprised of Jiangnan cultural attractions, top attractions and world heritage sites.(More Details)

China travel tips are the practical guides or useful information for travelers in China. From how to apply for Chinese visa to how to book a train ticket, they are all the basic knowledge for China travel. This part in Seeraa International presents the travelers an online travel advice and help in order to avoid something annoying by lack of these basic tips.

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The Extension Service of China Travel Guide is mainly comprised of several detailed services like Guides and Vehicle Service, Flight and Train Ticket Booking Service and Airport and Port Transport Transfer Service. They are all the additional highlights of China travel service.