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We are always talking about culture freely or seriously when under discussion or communication. But what is culture? Possibly, majority of people never consider this aspect. At least, in China, people often fall into embarrassment when asked what culture or Chinese culture is. The definition of culture currently is also unsettled in that different individual and group may get different seemingly conclusive definition in line with their angle of views. Since 1871, a mass of sociologists and anthropologists have defined culture for many times, and there are more than 164 items of culture definitions in humankind's academic history. As a Chinese traditional culture researcher, I am apt to some personally-agreed or believed statements of culture definitions from some internationally authoritative scholars who have erected their own academic structure with their own theory. These mostly are believable and reasonable.

Widely-accepted by many an academician, Culture is the summation of all material and spiritual treasures and heritage humankind create in the process of social and historical development. Generally, it is particularly more closely associated with spiritual aspect like literature, art, education, science and technology and so on.

David popenoe, a famous sociologist of the United States, has given an influential definition of culture from an abstract angle of view like this: Culture is a shared system of value and sgnificance of a colony and society. It includes the physical embodiment of these values and significance, and humankind learns the culture of other society through observation and education. And Sir Edward Burnett Tylor (1832-1917), an English world-famous anthropologist and representative of cultural evolutionism, expressed his viewpoint in his work titled Primitive Culture that culture serves as the guideline of humankind's behavior just as the instinct to animal.

Certainly, the culture classification is also diversified based on the different definitions of culture. For highlighting propensity to the popularity and readability of Chinese Culture introduction, we are inclined to the systematic show of the impressive and interesting aspect of China culture aside from some academics-oriented deepening for some special tastes and discussion about Chinese culture.

China Culture serving as the most important section in Seeraa International consists of China Elite Culture, China Ancient Culture, China Modern Culture and China Folk Culture. China Elite Culture mainly is themed with the high-level famous people who contributed a lot to the development of China Culture or exerted a profound influence on China Culture. China Ancient Culture is emphasized in the aspect of exhibiting the traditional culture and the fundamental feature of Chinese Traditional Culture such as China Calligraphy, China Traditional Painting, China Music, China Opera and China Education. China Modern Culture focuses on introducing the inherited parts of Ancient Culture and the newly-established parts from western culture, and China Modern Culture is originated from both. China Folk Culture is a special section will highlight the charm and mystery of Chinese folk culture used to be neglected by mainstream of culture. This part will be an online exhibition to show China Culture in all aspects.

China Elite Culture

China Modern Culture


China Ancient Culture



China Folk Culture


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