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Chinese Character

Chinese characters

Chinese character boasts the oldest character in the world, also the character spoken by the largest population worldwide. It has more than 5000 year’s history. It is also one of the five official characters in United Nations. Currently, people in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia are the major places for Chinese speaking; also many people in North Korea and South Korea as well as Japan are also excellent in speaking Chinese. At present, as the globalization, many people in other countries are eager to learn Chinese and learned more about China. Meanwhile, China also wants to be known well. A lot of Confucius Colleges have been established in many areas of the world such as Europe, Africa Australia and America. And because of china’s mysterious history and culture as well as its considerable development in economy and international communications, a large number of youngsters are willing to learn Chinese well and also many non-governmental institutions in China and abroad engage in the promotion of Chinese character training and education. As well, many countries’ government encourages their people to learn Chinese such as Japan and South Korea as well as Singapore. The reason is simple. Firstly the culture and history of Japan and South Korea belong to East Asia Culture System which is dominated by Chinese Culture. In other words, their cultures are the branches of Chinese culture. Their character, culture and history are all marked with Chinese culture. So they have to promote the learning and spreading of Chinese in their countries if they want to further succeed and spread their culture, secondly many their people particularly in Singapore are from China, and learning Chinese is one of their traditions. Roughly there are 1.3 billion people all around world taking Chinese as their mother tongue.

The usage and succession of Chinese character are one of the important reasons to explain why in the world only Chinese civilization is still living and vigorous. Chinese character is the base of Chinese culture. Its importance is incomparable! Due to the difference of ideology, Chinese character is generally divided into Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. In mainland China, Simplified Chinese is widely used (but in the recent years, many farsighted learners and scholars appealed to reusing traditional Chinese in order to protect Chinese culture and tradition, because Chinese character is totally different from others. Chinese character, mainly the traditional character is special in the aspects that its meaning can be understood via itself and also via its character research we also can see the change of history and the alteration of tradition; however the modernized simplified Chinese is incapable in this way. Chinese character doesn’t need grammar which is the definition of western characters and introduced by some Chinese scholars during the times of Westernization Movement and New Culture Movement. The widely using of simplified Chinese is also the reasons some scholars summarized why people in mainland is farther than tradition). Traditional Chinese is widely used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau as well as Singapore.

Chinese character in mainland has many branches of local dialects. And the dialect based on Beijing accent was standardized as Mandarin or Putonghua. Actually such a process lasted for several hundred years. In Taiwan, Chinese character is considered to be National character. Chinese character is influential, and many Chinese characters or sentences were used in Japanese, Korean as well as Vietnamese character.

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