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 Welcome to Introduction on Chinese Art in Seeraa International, New and Updated Content as Below:

chinese art
A detailed show of a well-cultivated actor wearing the ancient costumes for playing Chinese classic opera, exactly, the Kunqu Opera

Extensively speaking, Chinese art is really various and multiple. Westerners may learn that China is famous for its silk embroidery and ceramics. Through these representatives, what else have you understood and found? Chinese art is an abstract circle and hardly articulated with some exact art forms. For typically illustrating this vertical and horizontal development of Chinese spiritual and ideological world, let me introduce some other representatives

Chinese Calligraphy is unquestionably the special art form of China and world. Chinese calligraphy traditionally was closely connected with individual’s social status and life background. Chinese calligraphy in society shows a person’s social level and personal education degree. It is considered to be the elegant skill that each traditional educators or learners should specialize in. Chinese calligraphy is as quietly famous and welcome as oil painting in west. In China, calligraphy has the superiority in artistic circle, and it is more welcome and popular among people, particularly, among well-educated learners and officials. In China, if you are good at calligraphy, you would be respected and highlighted. It is the tradition. Calligraphy in art is the root of Chinese traditional painting. Calligraphy to a most degree is also largely accepted as a show of the writers’ characters and disposition. It is also connected with Chinese development of philosophy. All in all, calligraphy in China is an exclusive and highly-respected art form. In history, the famous calligraphists include: Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi, Zhong Yao, Ouyang Xun, Chu Suiliang, Liu Gongquan, Huai Su, Zhang Xu, Su Dongpo, Huang Tingjian, Cai Xiang, Mi Fu, Zhao Mengfu, Weng Zhengming, Dong Qichang, Wu Changshuo and Zhao Zhiqian. The famous themed tourist attractions are Lanting Pavilion in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, Stele Forest of Xian, Xiling Yingshe of Hangzhou, and many museums of China. The colleges or universities you can learn Chinese Calligraphy are China Academy of Arts in Hangzhou and Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

Chinese Painting is a special style of world paintings. Chinese painting is famous as its different target of aesthetics and means of expressing the images. Chinese painting is an elegant art form like Chinese painting. It is also strongly featured by its cultural background and bookishness. In China, Chinese painting is also called Humanity Painting just for its feature of culture and learners’ spiritual pursuits. Originally, Chinese painting mainly aimed at figure painting when Buddhism was quite popular in China. Before Tang Dynasty, the painting mainly showed the image of heroes, Buddhists and some relevant stories. The typical representative is the fresco of Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes. Since Tang Dynasty, the expression style and form changed gradually, more and more learners’ painting appeared which broke through the limits of traditional painting theme and entered a larger world. It is called Figure painting, Mountain and Water Painting, Flower and Birds Painting and many other special and abstract painting made by many individuals with strong personalities. Chinese painting is famous for its joint expression way with Chinese calligraphy to show the knowledge and characteristics of painters. It is always different from the folk professional painters in the aspect of the painting background. A lot of famous painters in history are the representatives such as Zhan Ziqian, Wu Daozi, Su Shi, Tang Yin, Xu Wenchang, Dong Qichang, and Zhang Zeduan and so on. The typical cities in China have such a tradition is Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shaoxing, Beijing, Yangzhou, Chengdu and Luoyang and so on.

Chinese Music, China Stone Seal, Chinese architecture, Chinese embroidery, Chinese porcelain, Chinese dancing and singing are all the independent art forms totally different from others in the world. They are an important part of Eastern Civilization that westerners hard to understand and handle. Chinese art is an integrative oneness and a comprehensive organ. Generally, calligraphers in China are also good at Chinese painting, Chinese seal, Chinese music, Chinese literature, Chinese philosophy and Chinese belief. Su Dongpo maybe is the outstanding representative of this tradition of China. This is a circle that operating and developing Chinese art together.

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