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What is Folk Culture? Firstly we must probe into the definition of folk culture before introducing China folk culture systematically. Folk Culture is a type of culture that is created by people of lower class and automatically popularizes among commonalty of all ages. It is predominantly welcomed by majority of population. Analyzed from the social classes, folk culture is absolutely originated from the grassroots of society and created automatically by commoners. Folk Culture also maintains the characteristics of tradition as well as the background of agricultural lifestyle

China is a large country with colorful folk culture. Chinese philosophy and classics are famous worldwide as well. China is comprised of 56 nationalities and nearly each of them has its own fantastic and time-honored folk culture. Chinese folk music, folk dancing, folk rituals, folk beliefs, folk festivals, folk operas, folk myths, folk epics, folk legends, folk art, and folk architecture and so on are breathtakingly amaze outsiders. However, the systematical investigation, catalogue, restoration, protection and research are still unavailable. A multitude of domestic scholars represented by Feng Jicai, a famous writer call on the attention of government and non-governmental organs

Splendid Chinese culture consists of elite culture, classical culture (traditional or ancient culture) and folk culture according to the statement of Feng Jicai on the composition of Chinese culture. Three portions of Chinese culture are equally important and irreplaceable respectively. Particularly, the folk culture should be further protected. It is created by hands and hearts of people. Over the past 5000 years, it has been largely collected and closely related to commoners' life and affections. Generally, our national tradition of ideological system is preserved in Chinese elite and classic culture and the national affection and individuality are vividly taken on by China folk culture.

China folk culture covers a half of Chinese culture, nevertheless Chinese folk culture conventionally is not equally treated compared to Chinese elite culture owing to a variety of historic prejudices. Many folk cultures are orally passed down and always intimidated by danger of wrack and ruin once they can not be inherited by new generations. It is easier undermined in this industrialized and mechanized world. Up to today, innumerous folk cultures have died out due to the lack of sufficient attention and protection.

Culture, especially folk culture, is the authentic root and origin of a country's existence and development. Getting rid of folk culture undoubtedly means suicide. Unfortunately China is unprecedentedly threatened by self-destruction for many valuable folk cultures have been wrongly abandoned and largely destroyed. China today is in embarrassment and dilemma that people do not know how to succeed the tradition and create a new culture to replace the old culture they think is out of date and useless, because they do not have tradition and culture since Chinese tradition and culture has died down in the past 100 years.

May God bless China and Chinese tradition and culture, especially Chinese Folk Culture.


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