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 Welcome to Introduction on Four Pioneers of China Cuisine Culture in Seeraa International, New and Updated Content as Below:

Anciently, people always encouraged one another when they failed in national imperial examinations and said everyone could be the Zhuangyuan(状元, the No.1 in ancient imperial examinations) in 365 different circles. Surely, the 365 circles are not the exact number thoroughly covering all the circles of ancient China, but it undoubtedly represents the majority of ancient industries. So different circles have different Zhuangyuan, and also the pioneers, and in the circle of Chinese cuisine industry, the famous pioneers included: Peng Zu(彭祖), Yi Yin(伊尹), Yi Ya(易牙) and Zhanwang(詹王). They together were widely known as Ancient Chinese Four Cooking Gods

Portrait of Peng Zu
Peng Zu and Chinese Cuisine Culture
Portrait of Yi Yin
Yi Yin and Chinese Cuisine Culture
Portrait of Yi Ya
Yi Ya and Chinese Cuisine Culture
The Statue of Zhanwang
Zhanwang and Chinese Cuisine Culture