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Chinese Art traditionally representing the top rank and the mainstream of oriental art systems and types distinguished itself from western art mainly be revealed in plentiful specific aspects. In other words, Chinese art boasts its unique and independent pattern of manifestation that refreshes appreciators, listeners and readers via its larruping angle of views, different cultural and historical background as well as highlighted themes.

Chinese art as the most valuable representative of oriental art is possessed of its own fantastic artistic system all the way. To a most degree, in the fields of the basic classification, it is similar to western categorization standards that comprised of visual, audio and audio-visual systems. Chinese calligraphy as the base and the only origin of Chinese art is inevitably spotlighted. It belongs to the visual system of Chinese art bur straightforwardly gives rise to the emergence and development of other types of artistic forms. Chinese philosophy generally accepted as the aggregation of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism and some other main inbound ideological beliefs is another important original motivity that pushes the all-sided development of Chinese art. It in some ways is functionalized as origin of some certain cultural phenomena like Chinese horoscope. Chinese Painting classified into visual type of art is possibly the most impressive side that shows the difference of oriental art from western art. Directly based on the inimitable aesthetic standard and the traditional complicated philosophic nourishment, Chinese painting always moves readers and appreciators too much. So it is the same with Chinese Music, Chinese Comic Dialogue and Chinese Acrobatics and Plays. Chinese Opera is a comprehensive artistic expression featuring its audio and visual effect as well as the art-oriented set patterns.

Chinese Art and Chinese History are in many places alike. It also experiences a long-time progressive period and learns a lot from folk custom and tradition. Different types of art show and the different standpoints on what is art, what art is used for and how to develop art both mold and carry forward Chinese art.

 Chinese Calligraphy
 calligraphy culture . lantingxu . chunhuage calligraphy
 Chinese Music
 guqin art . pinghu qiuyue . lv wencheng
 Chinese Classical Operas
 kunqu opera . peony pavilion
 Chinese Artistic Performances
 impression west lake . the romance of song dynasty . xian tang paradise
 Chinese Sculpture
 Chinese Traditional Painting
 Chinese Architectural Art
 forbidden city . great wall . summer palace . temple of heaven . norbulingka
 potala palace . world finance center . oriental pearl tower . jinmao tower
 yuyuan garden . tashilhunpo monastery

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