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Zhujiajiao Travel Guide

Zhujiajiao is the fifth largest island among thousands of islands in different sizes of Zhoushan Islands. The west part is connected with Shenjiamen fishing port. It is related to Zhoushan Main Island with a cross-sea bridge. The north side of island is opposite to Putuo Mountain. Zhujjiajiao is famous for its natural landscape featured with sand and stone, and it boasts the National Sea-Island Ecological Park. It collects a mass of attractions like sand landscape, stone landscape, sea landscape, buddha landscape and so on and also a lot of leisure resorts.

Zhujiajiao has a large hectare of high-quality sand and great wave, and is the largest assembled beach complex. there is a famous scenic zone called Shili Jinshan or Ten-Mile Gold Sand comprised of small zone of sands. It is also the ideal place to hold the movement of making sand sculpture. Annually, there is an international sand sculpture art festival from July to November. It is widely loved by many a tourist and sand-sculpture artist. Thanks to its unique location, it is also the better place for sailing, surfing, beach volleyball game and other variety of leisure programmes. Furthermore, Kwan-yin Culture Park, Zhangzhouwan and Daqingshan Mountain are all unique and deserve a travel.

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