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 Welcome to Introduction on Yuanyang Terrace in Seeraa International, New and Updated Content as Below:

Yuanyang Terrace is one of important tourist attractions in Yunnan province, and also the favorite destination of many photographers. In BBC's documentary"Beautiful China" , this terrace was mentioned as well. Yuanyang terrace is belonging in Hani Terrace of Honghe River has a large scale and magnificence. It spreads to the entire region on the south side of Honghe River including Honghe county, Yuanyang county, Lvchun county and Jingping county. In the administration region of Yuanyang, there are 170,000 mu of terrace, which is the core area of Hani Terrace Area of Honghe River.

In the administrative area of Yuanyang County, it is aboslutely featured by mountainous land. All the terraces are built on the mountainsides. The gradient of terrace is roughly between 15 degrees and 75 degrees. The maximum of terrace lands on a certain mountainside is up to 3000, which is rare to see at home and abroad. Yuanyang Hani Terrace is mainly comprised of three major landscapes: Jingkou Village, Quanfu Village, Mali Village and Zhulu Village.

The best season for photographing: The winter and spring in Yuanyang is featured with moisture and fog. The best time to go there is fall. During this time, visitors almost see the sea of cloud every morning. Most of days are sunny. The best time for photographing is from November to April each year.

Additional Reading:Yuanyang County

Yuanyang County is located in the south side of Yunnan province and the south section of Ainao Mountain and the south bank of Honghe River. The most famous landscae in Yuanyang is its Terrace scenic spot.

Yuanyang terrace located in the south of Ainao Mountain is the generational heritage of Hani Nationality. Based on the landform, Hanni nationality people assart the terrace, the larger terrace will be assarted if the gradient is larger and the smaller one in line with its smaller gradient. The concentrative area of Hani Terrace Land is located in Xinjie Town of Old Center of Yuanyang County.

Additionally, the fair or market of Yuanyang also deserves visiting. The fair of Yuanyang Shengcun villiage and Xijie is quite crowded and welcomed. The nearby villagers collect here via taking tractors, on foot and other ways. Some shoulder the back-basket filled with a lot of local products to sell on the market, and they will also purchase the daily products and others. The special baskets and the garments of Yi Nationality and Hani Nationality become a special landscape of local fair. It is vividly shown with the local custom and characteristics.