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China Unknown Attractions Xian Antique Market

Xian Antique Market

Xian antique markets were started in 1980s. Since 1990, these markets have gone through big development. Nowadays, in addition to the three old antique markets, which were Baxian’an Market, Xiaodongmen Market and Zhuque Road Market, the smaller sized two, namely Huajue Lane Market and Shuyuanmen Market are popular too. Presently, there are more than 500 fixed booths in these antique markets. On the weekends, various antiques are sold here, and at least 500 temporary booths are set up along the streets not including the markets run by the government.

Local serious curio collectors like to collect their treasures in the three larger markets, while tourists at home and abroad prefer the smaller ones, which the shopping environments are much better with rich tourism resources. You can bargain over the prices with the sellers, but you need to remember that very few exquisite products you see at the market are real.

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